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  1. I am walking down the aisle with our song. You by Switchfoot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYAAAr5-qkw
  2. Love it!! My floral hair accessory is my something blue.
  3. First I think your gift ideas are great! If you want to enjoy with them you should definitely do it before the wedding. I'm planning to have a DIY SPA day with my beautiful bridesmaids the weekend before my wedding day. That way we are all going to be ready for the trip and can spend quality time together.
  4. Going to another resort doesn't sound like a bad idea at all, and I'm sure your guests would understand you want some alone time. Just make sure you talk with your fiance about this and you both agree with whatever decision you'll take. Good luck and Congrats .
  5. I found this blog post about destination wedding hacks which I thought were very useful. I hope it's helpful for you as well . http://www.storymixmedia.com/weddingmix/blog/?s=hacks
  6. Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your wedding dress. I completely understand the struggle but luckily I found this wedding dress guide which helped a lot when it was the time to choose the right dress. Good luck with whatever you decide . http://www.storymixmedia.com/weddingmix/blog/2014/08/wedding-dress-101-wedding-dress-style-guide-youll-need/
  7. I would definitely keep in mind that weddings are supposed to be fun and many guests do like to dance, so I don't think it would hurt to rent the dance floor and have fun!
  8. So I was rly upset about not being able to afford a wedding video bc I really wanted to capture all the sights/sounds of the whole week. Luckily my cousin used this cool video app at her wedding called weddingmix that lets you make a really fun wedding video out of all the memories with everyone at your wedding. I love the idea of seeing my wedding through the eyes of my family and friends throuout the whole 7 days were in Cali!! Are you guys using an video apps for your wedding ?
  9. Walking down the aisle alone is not strange at all. I am very sorry to hear that your family won't be there with you on your special day but don't let that bring you down. Have them in your heart at all times and you won't feel alone, after all you are joining another family and they are part of you too.
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