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  1. @Soon2beJara Look back at my posts and you will see some before and after pics I posted of the makeup artist. If you cant find them message me and I will email them to you. @@Soon2beJara I carried a ton of stuff to DR with me and saved a bunch of money. One thing in particular were the colored napkins. The hotel was charging $3 a napkin for 80 people which would have been $240 but I bought 100 for $45 at www.Linentablecloth.com check them out maybe they have what you are looking for. In my opinion taking the sashes is not nearly as bad as taking the centerpieces yourself, whic
  2. @@JE0721 I had about 3 or 4 girls carry 3 large glass vases for me. They carried them by hand in a large shopping bag that fit right under the seats of the plane. I wrapped them all in bubble wrap so they wouldn't break. I also took an extra two of everything in the event something broke, but nothing did. No one had a hard time carrying these on the plane. I myself carried 12 glass plates for the vases to sit on as part of the centerpiece. Security checked my bag going but other than that there was no problem. Some stuff I left behind in the hotel (such as the glass plates) cause
  3. @@JE0721 You can ship items to the Hotel. Elizabeth my WC gave me the information below. The way it works is that you have to send your package to Miami (costs not included in prices below) and the package is sent to the shipping company in Bavaro, Dominican Republic. The package sits with the shipping company until you arrive at the hotel, extra charges for this as well for the shipping copany to hold the package. You can then either pick up the package yourself ( no extra charge for this) or the shipping company will deliver it to the Hotel on the day you arrive (additional cost for
  4. @@KC143 The DJ played mostly spanish music that we requested, Salsa, meregue, and bachata. English music was current dance music and some older hip hop also that we requested. To be honest I actually don't remember all that well, it went by so quickly I do remember all of us having a blast though:) @@Reign14 The fish and pork were delicious. My husband and I tried both. The pork was actually better than the fish. We didnt get not one complaint from anyone, they all praised the food. Our Reception was in the ballroom because of the # of guests we had (82) also I didnt want the
  5. @Soon2beJara The taxi was $10 per ride (one way) for 4 of us. The other taxi had 5 people and they paid $14 I think. You should contact Cynthia directly for the salon. Tell her I referred you. She'll remember the wedding party from NY. Hopefully she can get you the hookup for the hair cause the owner Nicole was a bit pricey at first. I did a rehearsal breakfast in HOYO 19 its a restaurant on the golf course next to the chapel and the kids water park. It's a sit down restaurant where you place orders (rather than buffet) and they offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast and lun
  6. As promised attached are the before and after makeup photos from Miu Salon. 1st was my trial then actual wedding day next is my mom and then one of girls the last is Cynthia the makeup artist
  7. Hi Ladies, This is the first time I'm posting anything on here and happy to say that I got married at BBP about three weeks ago. This forum was extremely helpful during the past year so thank you to all who posted reviews comments photos etc. Click the link below to see my photos from Tropical Pictures. They were awesome by the way I have no complaints for the photographer Mika or the videographer. There' s so much to go over so I will try and keep it short. To start I had a large group of 82 people attend the wedding and about 20 in the wedding party. The hotels salon was a little
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