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  1. Was that for single occupancy or occupancy. Did you have to pay for transposition for you guest? @@lauralc
  2. Hi can anyone refer a good travel agent in the New York area. Because I'm dealing with an agent right now I feel that she's withholding information from us. Me and my fiancé went on the hotel website and it was the same price she was offering for the same dates. Is that common? I thought the rate through the agent is suppose to be less since its a group rate. Please help me understand this. Have anyone book for their wedding directly through the hotel?
  3. The travel agency that I'm dealing with recommended me to a coordinator that is base in Miami and I don't feel comfortable with that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. How is the photographers for this resort because it seems like they only have two choices and non of them wow me from their portfolio. I really like this resort but I wonder if I could be making a mistake.
  5. Can anyone recommend me to a good photographer at Azul Sensatori's I'm no impress with the ones that I've seen so far. I don't think their pictures are professional, thank you. Anything else you can tell me about the resort I would greatly appreciate.
  6. October 12, 2915 Azul Sensatori Can anyone recommend a good coordinator, photographer, DJ, ect...
  7. That's a beautiful dress. Also check out Shirley's dress online. Someone recommended me. She got wedding dress there for a very very low price, and the quality is great.
  8. Hi does anyone know about the Secret Silver Sand Riviera Cancun? I'd like to know any informations
  9. Hi I'm a newbie, and we decided to do our wedding in Mexico and the PBSB is one of the option we are looking at. We're also have in mind the Becelo Maya Palace, Dream Puerto Aventuras, Dream Tulum, and Paradisus Playa Del Carmen. Our wedding date is 9/26/15. We are inviting 80 guests. And we would like to have the following: all inclusive Rehearsal dinner evening wedding open bar private reception. Have anyone use any of these hotels and used the services I requested. How was your experience with the staff, food, activities. How's the weather like in Mexico in September. Does any of these hotels allow kids? Thank you forbid help.
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