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    November 26, 2014
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    Dreams Palm Beach Resort
  1. Thank you so much Tammy It was incredible! Please feel free to read my Dreams Palm Beach review I just posted.
  2. We chose DJ Mannia as well for our November, 2014 wedding. I have to say, I was not impressed, a bit of a disappointment First, they screwed up our first dance song, which to me is a big deal, we have specifically given them a USB with our song that was edited to fit our special dance and they chose to use the original from their computer, the result is obvious. Secondly, the dance floor kept coming loose and many of our guests lost their footing, had to ask the MC to fix it to avert a crises waiting to happen. However, on a positive note the music was good, kept everyone on the dance floor.
  3. That is what I would have done, tipped everybody, so this is very good to know! Any money saved can go towards something else lol Oh I am sure she would love it! My wedding coordinator is also included and I am bringing something for her and probably giving her one of my guest favours (wine stopper) and a tip. (Hopefully that would encourage her to do a great job! So far she had been great!) I would say "a little goes a long way," so go for it!
  4. Hi Angela, We have hired DJ Mannia for our wedding reception at Dreams Palm Beach in Punta Cana in 3 weeks for a small group of 27 people and have decided on a "small" wooden dance floor. Have you guys got a dance floor for your reception? If so was the size of it adequate for 28 people being on it at once? I am a little sceptical that it would be too small. Thank you! Olga
  5. Dream wedding come true!

    Pros: Small resort, lots of lounge chairs on the beach, great for weddings
    Cons: no reservations for specialty restaurants
    Came back from Dreams Palm Beach about 2 weeks ago and still dreaming of paradise! Decided to write this review while it is fresh in my mind. Get ready, this review is going to be long, but its worth it!  Arrival: My group and I had a private bus courtesy of Air Canada group vacations! That was totally nice to have just your group in the bus, talking about VIP style! The trip from the airport was about 15 mins (not to scare you or anything but you do not see or hear the planes at all), which wa
  6. FutureMrsZ

    Dreams Palm Beach

    Resort and wedding images
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