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  1. Does anyone have a script of the ceremony? I've asked my wedding coordinator and she just said she would have to ask the minister but hasn't gotten back to me yet. We are having a symbolic ceremony and i would like some idea of what the vows will be so we can decide if we want to add anything else!
  2. I am also getting married at moon palace this October! I was wondering where the Caribbean rooftop terrace was though? I don't remember seeing that as a reception option, is it under cover? I'm trying to see if there's other options in case it rains, right now we're planning for the Tucan terrace.
  3. Did anyone do the preview promotion at moon palace, or any other palace resort? We're going down in May to check out the resort and I'm so excited! We already have the wedding booked for October but I can't wait to see where it will actually be happening! Our coordinator is supposed to be setting up meetings with the different vendors we can use and a food tasting. I was wondering if anyone else did this and how much you were actual able to plan while you were there? I'm hoping to get a lot of details figured out while we're visiting, it seems like it should be easier than the back and forth emails with the coordinator [emoji53]. Anyway, I was just looking for any advice of things to check out/plan while we're down there!
  4. I'm interested in the chair sashes, 3 or 4 packs and the 3 packs of napkins. Thanks!
  5. I'm very interested in some of these items! Where are you located? I'm in Baltimore so trying to figure out how much shipping would be. Thanks!
  6. . This is my dress, I can't wait to wear it! It might be a little fancy for a beach wedding but it what I've always dreamed of wearing!
  7. I really want tiki torches and was wondering this as well! Trying to decide if we should also have string lights or lanterns hanging over the terrace. It's so hard to picture how everything will actually look!
  8. I really like your chair hangers and thinking about making them myself! Was wondering how you made them and where you got the starfish? Thanks!
  9. I have only been to an all inclusive resort once and I don't remember what people did with drinks. I have been thinking about giving koozies in our OOT bags but don't know if people would use them or tumbler/ bubbas more. Do people just put their drinks from the bar in the bubbas? I just want to get whatever people will get more use out of!
  10. I was thinking about doing beach bags for the girls, but I don't know what we'll do for the guys yet.
  11. Did you use just plain colored luggage tags or with a design? All the cute ones I'm finding are $5-10 and that will add up quickly! I really want to send a little something with a thank you card for booking but can't think of anything else besides luggage tags.
  12. So this might be a silly question, but what is the red light/green light and what determines if you get one or the other?
  13. We plan on having a symbolic ceremony in Mexico and going to the courthouse before we leave to make it legal. My mom thinks the ceremony in Mexico won't feel special if we're already technically married. I've explained to her many times the cost and how much sooner we would have to get to Mexico to make it legal there. Has anyone else has this issue with family members? I just think of the courthouse as basically signing paperwork and Mexico will be our real wedding/ anniversary. I wish I hasn't told her about this in the first place!
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