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  1. They threw in the DJ and MC for free??? How did you manage that? Did you spend a lot of money on private events? How was the DJ? Josh and I have heard different things about the DJ, and it sounds like for those brides who had particular songs in mind (or songs they DIDN"T want played) the Lomas DJ wasn't that great. Did you hear anything more about the unlimted private events? Josh and I want to use them too!
  2. I have heard of people supposedly avoiding the Lomas $800 outside vender fee by booking a room in the vendor's name (whether for photography or DJ). Not only that, I have also heard that this room booked in the vendors' names can be used for actual wedding guests. Does anyone know how that would work, because it is not obvious to me. Presumably the room would have to be booked in the actual name of the vendor, so how could another guest, with another name, check in? This would be great if it is really doable. or is this just a wives' (or I guess in this case a brides') tale?
  3. Hi yall! For those brides who booked: 1) What DJ are going with and why? 2) What photographer did you go with? 3) Did any one use the "free private 3 course dinner" for their wedding dinner? Did they cut it off right at 3 hours? How did you combine the DJ and and the dinner? 4) How is the club?
  4. who is your WC? We are working with Lucy, and I have not been that impressed. She takes 4+ days to respond, and then doesn't answer all questions. I've been trying to set up a phone call to move thigns along, and this is taking a while too. I'm not expecting an answer with 1 hour of my email, but something that is thorough and timely is expected!
  5. Can I also get in on these emails from the GM? I just set my date for Feb 8, 2015....less than six months to plan, so I feel I'm so behind the power curve! Yikes!
  6. I don't quite have recommendations for you, but I think we are going to overlap! Our wedding is Feb 8th, and we don't leave until the 11th. When will you arrive!
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