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  1. Thank you! We could probably do something like that. I have just read a handful of forums and any time a question like this is asked it gets ugly! Could I put something on the rsvp for the wedding about a nonhosted dinner afterwards? Something like "A nonhosted dinner will follow the ceremony at a destination to be determined." (as we need to look at various places down there first. I was thinking of a wedding favor for all the guests who attended. I know it isnt the greatest, but it is the best I have!
  2. I know, I have read all the etiquette...however I need some advice that is helpful. My fiance and I are not able to afford both a wedding and reception (whether we got married at home or elsewhere). Both our parents gave us some money, but not enough for both. We decided to go to Myrtle Beach for a DW and our honeymoon (both our families go there every year). Our wedding is on the beach at 5:30 and will be short and sweet. We originally planned on not inviting anyone but our parents, but then other family kept stating that maybe they would come, that they could make it a vacation, so we have decided we would invite family only. Everyone we have told we have stated that there isnt a reception. That being said, we still cant afford a reception afterwards. My fiance and I had planned just heading to dinner that night. We wouldnt mind inviting those who actually come to the wedding however we do not have the financial means to pay for everyone who may come. I dont want to sound uingrateful to those who come down for the wedding, I am grateful! But how do I let people know there isnt a reception, but if they would like to go to dinner (non hosted) they are more than welcome. Please, I dont need the comments that I am a horrible person for even thinking to not pay for everyone food...
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