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  1. Hello everyone! I need your help. I am planning my Oct 20th 2015 wedding in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico and I need a DJ, sound system, speakers, mic and dance floor. I need someone who speaks english because communication is key between me and the DJ before and on the wedding day. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated :D
  2. I am sorry this happened to you!! That's really disappointing when you bring your own items, expecting them to go home with you, and now they're displayed on future weddings I know over the holidays, the wedding department went through a change, but as I read your post, it was WAY before this happened Sorry I wonder if you post on their facebook page, it will give you some more attention....
  3. Sorry LC13 -- that's incredibly frustrating, especially with your wedding being so soon! Go on their facebook page, the planners have their own page. Search: "Drepa Wedding-Coordinators" I would post on there....
  4. Hi LC13 - I have heard from the wedding coordinator.... I had three pending messages, and she wrote me back about two weeks, one friday night. I haven't written back, so I don't know if the wait is still happening (I'm sure it is). Areli is the new wedding coordinator and I contact her via this e-mail <weddings.drepa@dreamsresorts.com>
  5. Since December, I have been trying to contact the WC at Dreams. Unfortunately, Jacki is no longer the wedding coordinator at Dreams PA. Sad news. I received one email from the new coordinator to tell me this, but haven't gotten any of my questions answered. The new wedding coordinator is: Areli Arriaga Wedding Coordinator Has anyone else had any luck contacting them?
  6. Ladies: I need your help!! What's the capacity of the El Patio restaurant? I heard you cannot secure it until the week you get there - in case they absolutely need the space for the guests (that it might be sold out etc.). Is there a max number of guests you can have booked with your wedding in order to secure it before you get down there? We have 60 people booked. OR is this only to make the restaurant private -- that you have to wait until you're down there. What if you only want semi-private? PAST BRIDES: did you make it private or semi-private and what would be your suggestion for future brides?
  7. Thanks, Joyce I definitely need to get back in touch with you - will e-mail. We will be looking at all our options while we're there!
  8. I am so excited! We just booked a trip to Mexico to do a site visit of our resort in March. We will also plan to visit BV to get an idea of the location and what they offer, to compare to the resort!! WOOHOO
  9. I am doing a site visit here in March! I cannot wait!! I don't know if I want to take my wedding off the resort, or if the costs will add up too quickly (with both- ha).
  10. Hi BreMarie! I haven't done much planning since late October as Christmas kinda took over my household I am getting married at Dreams in October and my fiance and I just booked a vacation there in March for a site visit and to wrap our heads around the wedding locations, and to get a better understanding of what we can do with their offerings (and ultimately how much things will cost). We hope this visit will help us clear some questions we have, plus we will also visit some other wedding locations (off-site) to see if it's a better fit for us.
  11. Nothing is ever free But you can do it really close to it if you don't go over their limit of guests.
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