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  1. @@Nichole0878 @@kfracassi Hi Ladies, I just found out about Marisol's departure and needless to say was extremely upset. They have assigned Ana to my wedding which is less than 2 weeks away. I still yet to receive my final bill and we leave for our wedding next Wednesday. Has anyone had any resolution to this issue? Did the resort compensate you in some way for the poor service? I feel like I still have tons to do and am really feeling insecure as to putting my wedding in their hands at this point. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know if the resorts setup fees have changed? I have been quoted different prices by the same coordinator multiple times for table setup (table numbers, placecards, frame). Thanks!!
  3. Just got a quote for $273 for airbrush makeup...this is INSANE. Has anyone held off on making an appointment until they arrived and negotiated on site? Marisol is VERY inflexible when it comes to negotiating anything... I am assuming this is because my wedding is still six months away and she wants to wait me out. Any suggestions or tips on how to get numbers down... or are the Lomas rates simply non-negotiable? @@Tagliatti01 My reception is 4 hours... I was told this is standard. We are having 40-50 guests, ceremony at 3:30 (I was told that they run a little late sometimes), reception at 7 with a 1 hr cocktail hour before hand. I was told that the sun sets around 6/6:30 so I made sure the reception will start late enough to get some sunset photos. I know there is a large gap between... but I figure after photos and such there won't be too much spare time and they won't allow us to have a later ceremony. Are you choosing a Memorable Moments menu or a private events menu?
  4. Thanks!! This helps a lot. Did you rent those glass hurricane vases through Lomas?
  5. Hi All, We are getting married November 2015 and it is creeping up much more quickly than I had anticipated. Not much planning done as of yet. We are having our ceremony (around 40 guests) at Gazebo 55. Is the gazebo completely bare? My WC sent me a link that states it has two sheers and flowers, but this is contradictory to EVERYTHING else I have heard. I am just trying to figure out the bare necessities of what I need to decorate. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Has anyone negotiated with Sarani or any of the EDR photographers? Sarani herself is unavailable the day of my wedding and has assistants available (which I am fine with), but I am in sticker shock. I can't justify spending $6,000 (a LARGE portion of our wedding budget) for photo and video all day especially considering the cost doesn't include any albums. Her photos are so much nicer compared to the other approved vendors but I am wondering if at this point it is better to pay the $800 outside vendor fee if I can find another great local photographer for less. Any suggestions, experience or feedback is much appreciated.
  7. I feel the same way... I have a pretty solid idea of what I want, but my WC is not really getting back to me in a timely manner regarding price quotes. I'm trying to pick and choose pieces of their Memorable Moments collection. I'm worried that last minute it's all going to add up to be over budget...especially considering photography is SO much pricier than I imagined. I def want floating candles and I really want to hang lantern lights (i do not want to go through Lomas bc the price is outrageous) but I also don't know when is too soon to start negotiating. Who is your WC?
  8. Hi all! I just booked for November 15, 2015. We are expecting between 35-50 guests and having our ceremony at Gazebo 55 and reception at Tucanes. I'm super curious as the cocktail hour. The reception is 4 hours...did most of you include your cocktail hour in this time? or book it separately? Also, MENU... originally, I looked at the Memorable Moments menu, but soon realized it was more costly than picking and choosing between steak and chicken. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  9. HELP?! I am very close to choosing GRM to host our wedding. Most of our guests will stay at EDR, the reception will have to be a GRM because of ONE child that is attending. Our TA is in the works for confirming a late October or early November date 2015. My FI and I are pretty laid back people. We would want our ceremony on the beach and I am guessing our reception on the Pier. I hear there is a Sky Deck in the works, but I am too confused to even handle contemplating that. We are expecting around 35-40 guests. We like the memorable moments package, other than that... I am clueless. Are there any questions I should ask before I sign a contract? Any advice and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
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