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  1. @@GingerBride I just sent off a rough estimate of how many people we will have (although we pretty well know now) and carried on through most the steps. Other decorations such as centerpieces can range from $30-150, Huppa's are a couple hundred. We are just bringing our own simple centerpieces that they can set up for us.
  2. cometgirl

    Real Touch Flowers

  3. @@MissMeg If you Google Barcleo Maya Beach Resort Property Map, it will give you images of the resort and a listing of where things are.
  4. That is quite North. My fiance was born in Terrace, but grew up in Salmon Arm. I was raised in Tsawwassen, now living almost downtown Vancouver. It is coming quickly and things are going well. Time FLIES by! This website can be addicting. I had to take a break from it as I felt I was trying to do too much. Most of the resort stuff is done and ready (except welcome bags) and we are just planning the party at home now! We got engaged a year ago and I told myself that we have to try and do things all the way along as I wanted to spread out costs. Well needless to say, time flies by, so never feel like you are planning too much in advance as things will always come up closer to the date.
  5. I am a BC Bride! Getting married May 21st in the Mayan Riviera!
  6. Wahoo! Doesn't it feel good? I just finished getting the rest of them out last week!
  7. cometgirl

    Where To Start?

    We had 15 months for ours, so we did STD's right away directing them to the website and then invites are going out right now (5 months away). I would suggest with only 7 months, get word of mouth going right away and just get the invites out directing them to your website.
  8. @@Stephanie2015 - There was a certain deal when we booked that if we have 50 guests at the resort then the bride and groom get upgraded to a Ocean View Club Premium room. I also noticed that it is only the Tangerine package (the most expensive) that there is an upgrade included.
  9. @@bluecastr1 - Thank you for the detailed post! We were just there in September and are getting married there this next May! Super excited to see it all come together! You also may not have been given the other options because of all the renovations going on at the Beach/Caribe until Dec 2014. @@starbx123 - There are a few more locations that depending when you get married are available. We are going with Playa Azul which is at the opposite end of the Palace at the Beach resort. It is away from the resort and is a very sandy location. There isn't as much coral in the water at this end, so depending what look you are going for it can be very pretty. I am all about white sand and teal water, so this location is perfect for us!
  10. Yah we are pretty chill about what they wear, but again no swimsuits! Shorts and flip flops are totally fine. The groom will be wearing flip flops for the reception and we are going barefoot for the ceremony.
  11. I am getting married there May 21, 2015. I am working with Lilian and she sends me one step at a time. You will get color options for the chair sashes, flowers and 1 centerpiece. All other decorations that you would want (ie: centerpieces for other tables etc.) are your own responsibility or you can pay their prices for extras. Which co-ordinator are you working with?
  12. My mom and I hand wrote all of ours for the guest address and then I have labels for my FI and I's return address. I am also not doing RSVP envelopes as I am asking them to email.
  13. cometgirl

    What is your age difference?

    My FI is 7 years older than I am! He loves it as I am not in a rush to have kids as we know we have some time.