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    April 18, 2015
  1. mimiblak

    Royalton White Sands

    Hi Ladies- I have been so inconsistent on here, (apologies!!) but I am getting mareid next Saturday at the Roylaton!! we have 90+ people attending-- crazzzzy. Any last minute tips or advice or warm wishes you can share?! im nervous and excited at the smae time. Looking forward to sharing my experiences with you! @@ellewis Congratulations!! I am up for next weekend! Wondering about the activiites on the resort, are their fun things to do in the evening? we planned an all white night for our guests then may head out to Margaritaville. But for those that want to stay on the resort and hang out, what was the night entertainment? Also, how windy was it for your ceremony? when I visited last year it was SUPER windy to the point I thought my hair would be a mess for the big day. please continue to share details
  2. mimiblak

    Royalton White Sands

    Hi @CherJK--sorry for the late post, i have been swamped!! just replying back to share a few updates! so im confirmed at about 90 guests,, going to be a TON of ppl! we are bringing our own DJ, no extra fee becuase he is a wedding guest staying at the hotel. Our plan for now is to bring all our of center pieces and other materials with us (and using the wedding party to help too) via carry on luggage and extra suit cases. i really dont like their cake options so we're tyring to figure out something with that as well, but overall I think we're pretty much set with the details! 2 months and counting....but defintiely ready for the big day! @@pamelas21 beautiful picture!! Congrats Hi @@NoRad ! We are getting married on April 18th 2015--very close to your date! We booked WPAJ for the photography and got the premium package with 2 photographers and a photo booth for the reception! we have a huge party of 90+ people, so wanted to make sure we captured every moment!
  3. mimiblak

    Royalton White Sands

    Hiiii ladies! loving all these April weddings, that's great! would love to hear @@pamelas21 experience as well! I have over 100 people booked for the wedding, which is insane!! I am so overwhelmed & excited about it...should be a crazy, fun, memorable weekend. I'm thinking I may book with WPJ, Wedding Photographers of Jamaica for the pictures. they do a photo booth as well as a part of the biggest package, which sounds fun. I may also bring my own DJ, because I want to hear Soca/Calypso music, and I'm not sure how good their DJ is. Has anyone planned to do any excursions with your guests while your there? we may do an "all-white" night and head to Margarita Ville. the countdown is on.... 4 months to go. HI @@SoEze.... I just replied Re: Photographer (WPAJ), but I did centerpieces myself as well. Since my group is SO big, we have 10-11 tables, so we have tall beautiful floral arrangements, I can send a pic if you like! just send me your email address. we'll ship them down a few days before the wedding b/c they're too big to carry in luggage. I'm scared at what the shipping costs may be, but i'm sure its no where near the outrageous Tai Flora prices. @@Dimps thank you for the courney chen link... I love his pictures!! do you mind sharing his prices?
  4. mimiblak

    Royalton White Sands

    hi ladies- wish I could be more consitent with posts, but have been SO busy with wedding planning and i'm sure you all are just as busy! i too cannot beleive the pricing for RWS..they nickel & dime absolutely everything! My wedding is 4/18/15 and as of right now i have 85 people booked....expecting close to 100 by the time the wedding comes around. crazy!! im excited so many people want to join us, but did not expect for this type of crowd. we are bringing our own centerpieces, and decor for the arch. our ceremony will be on the beach, and our reception by the pool. one thing i still need help with is securing our photographer. We had at one poitn decided to go woith Chris Clare, but he wanted full cash payment the day of the wedding. Im from NY and never would I give someone 1750 cash and then "hope" I receive my pictures later. I offered to give some money day off, and the rest upon receipt of pictures. is that not the norm? or am I being too skepticla and allowing my NY experiences sway me?? open to your thoughts. thanks!!
  5. mimiblak

    Royalton White Sands

    Hi Ladies-- came across this thread and HAD to join! I am getting married at the Royalton on April 18th, 2015!! I have SO many questions and luckily did get a chance to go down and visit the resort before I Booked. Just saying HI & Congrats to all : ) I'm sure i'll have a ton of follow up questions and hopefully answers for some of your inquiries as well!