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  1. Just a little FYI for any of you brides planning an outside dinner. I have a party of 66 including 20 children ranging in age from 8 months - 15 years old. I'm having the gala dinner at $79pp & I enquirer about a reduction for the kids. Delighted to say they are giving me kids 0-7 FREE, 8-12 50% reduction & 13 upwards are full price. So, if you don't ask you don't get ;-)
  2. We'll I'm happy to report I finally got a response from Jazmin! It has taken 5 weeks but to be fair, she has answered all of my questions in great detail. This has settled me & now I can relax & look forward to our wedding which is 7 wks today! I got the marriage application which clears up the questions about which documents are needed, @@Amikins is spot on with her advice.
  3. Linda was great at replying to my emails but when she assigned Jazmin a month ago all communication stopped! I don't know whether I should pick up the phone & call them or get my TA to do it.
  4. DonnaandDaz that's good to know. My wedding is getting so close know & I just want to be sure I don't forget anything! It's almost 4 weeks now without a reply from Jazmin, it's hard not to get frustrated....
  5. I have been told by Linda we only need to bring our passports to get married. I'm hearing from other people we need to have our birth certificates translated into Spanish, can anyone clarify this for me? I have asked Jazmin but it's been 3 weeks & I haven't had a reply. Deecol, I think I have all the prices. Send me your email & I will forward to you.
  6. Thanks Trisha, I guess I will just have to trust them. It's better to have it in a space where we will be comfortable & not squashed in. Deecol, I only have the 2015 prices.
  7. Thank you for your input Trisha, it's a big help. Do you know of any of the bigger pools that would have a bar in situ rather than just set up for us? Are there any of the pools that offer a little more privacy than others?
  8. Shannonandangelina - my wedding is the day before yours . Jazmin is my co-ordinator & I haven't heard anything from her either! I was beginning to panic a little, I feel like I have so many questions. Maybe other brides can help? I'm having the Gala dinner poolside (hopefully at the Coba jacuzzi pools), does anyone know how many people per table & if they are round or rectangle? I have 63 guests & would like to do a table plan. Ir the reception were to be at the Tulum pool do they set up a makeshift bar or is there a proper bar in situ? I'm sure I will think of more things as I go along. Thanks in advance, this site is invaluable
  9. Does anyone have the flower catalogue to email me? catrina.mcgrath78@@gmail.com Thanks!
  10. Hi Ladies, I have been lurking on this forum for a few weeks now & all the advice given & information provided is invaluable. My wedding is not until 2nd July 2015 & I received the price list etc from the hotel today. One thing that isn't clear though, if we choose to have our wedding dinner in Gran Tortuga are we limited to one choice of main course or will it be normal service ie all the different meat etc on skewers? Thanks in advance
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