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  1. Hi Ladies, I am thinking of DIY stuff, but that gets expensive too. Does anyone have a ballpark estimate for how much would I spend per DIY invite vs. professional? Thanks!
  2. Thanks, ladies! I am so happy to hear the positive feedback! I am going to go ahead with E STDs! Thanks! Is there a template you used for e std?
  3. That sounds really special. Thanks for sharing! That is great!
  4. Hi Girls, I was wondering what symbolic personal touches people are incorporating into their ceremonies and/or reception? Somewhere else on here someone mentioned she will be giving her bouquet to her grandma in leu of a bouquet toss. I have heard of people placing framed wedding pics of family members in the reception area. Stuff like that! What are you doing?
  5. We are getting married in Switzerland. Most of my FI's side speak English, but his parents do not!! I think that most of the public speaking will done by bilingual people so they speak in English and German. I also plan on throwing in other languages of the guests to highlight diversity. If anything seems to confusing, my FI can translate for everyone. I have been to a few weddings that were in German and not knowing the language allowed me enjoy the wedding in different ways and notice other things (like the ambiance, environment, sites, and smells).
  6. Oh! I didn't get this post thing. Do we have to have 150 points before we can download things?
  7. E STDs sounds like a great idea! It sounds practical and informative, which I like, but I don't want the guests to feel like I am skimping on them. How do guests react?
  8. I can't download the pics, but I am sure they are cute. Has anyone on here sent real luggage tags as an STD or is that just weird?
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