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  1. hi everyone! i *did* have DJ Ricardo booked for my wedding last year until Odile hit and we had to postpone a year. Now Ricardo is booked on my date....looking for another replacement....nothing cheesy...no lasers or disco lights....certainly no conga line. just equipment for playing music during the ceremony and dinner, and then some dancing afterward. anyone have any reccos? have you used DJ Roca (Roberto Contreras) or DJ Mijares or DJ Alex? thanks for your help.
  2. hi everyone i had everything planned....was one month away from the big day.... and a hurricane hit cabo. clobbered my hotel and ceremony site. i'm devastated. my first thought was for all the great people and their families who work at the hotel...and hopefully they will be able to rebound quickly. i am thinking april 2015 for the new date. however, my letterpress invitations, welcome bag, welcome bag items, napkins, favors.....everything has the old date on them. what should i do? i don't really want to pay to change everything for 50 people. Can I just have everyone pretend it's October 2014 still? maybe just send out a save the date for april, and keep everything the same? thanks for your advice!
  3. @michelle_T thanks so much. i am going to ask every website for information....... hopefully someone can help me.
  4. Hi odile brides.... I'm supposed to get married on October 17 at hotel el ganzo in San Jose. No phone, no power, heard nothing. Guests getting antsy, watching the news. I cried all night last night, because it's just so frustrating. Thanks for having this outlet for me to vent. I really hope stuff gets cleaned up in next couple weeks.
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