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  1. Hello Ladies.. I'm recently engaged and were thinking of having a wedding here. I spoke with a travel agent and they seem to be pushing the karisma hotels on me, they are all really nice but a friend of mine went here and said she loved how close it was to 5th Ave. Anywho, without being too nosy can someone give me a ball park figure on what ther spent on their wedding for guest between 40-50. Thanks. I get worried that cost here will be the same as cost if I stayed at home to do it.
  2. @@Lilgabri03 I feel like the travel agents I have spoke with keep pushing the hotels they have relationships with.
  3. Hello Ladies, I'm actually looking into this resort, I really want a destination wedding but when I look at cost I feel like it's going to go over our budget. Can anyone of you give me a rough estimate of costs. Also how do decorations, floral, music, photographer work. I'm overwhelmed already.
  4. Have any of you had your wedding during the October/November months? We are thinking of this date but worried about the weather.
  5. Hello and congrats on the engagement. We're also looking into places in PDC. Can you please let me know about the weather while you're there as well as any info you receive from your visit at Xcaret. Thanks!
  6. Hello glad I found this topic. I am interested in staying at the PDC locations although I really love the chapel of the to cancun location. I haven't seen areas at gran porto that are similar to gran caribe. I want an outside reception but not interested in the beach. Any thoughts. Does the gran porto have a outside terrace like the gran caribe
  7. If you don't mind me asking what place did you pick I'm trying to start planning my wedding and don't know where to start
  8. Does anyone know if they perform weddings on Sundays? I was just informed by a travel agent that they don't. Seems odd.
  9. @@duchovny0901 Omg love love love your pictures. It def helps to see real pictures instead of the ones the site provides. I stayed at the Now Jade in Rivera Maya last month and it was not a bad hotel but def not a place I would go back to I guess maybe that was another issue of mine in deciding on the now larimarbut your pics did sawy me towards this place. I have sooo many questions on well everything, lol. Maybe I will start with seeing if they even have the date we have planned available maybe then I can bombard you with questions. Yikes this is a lot to take in. Glad I have you ladies to get advice from. I do have a quesiton is there a place with a great view for pics I'm from Chicago so views mean a lot to me.
  10. Hello ladies. I'm definitely loving this topic as I recently got engaged and we are thinking of a July 2015 wedding. The now was recommended by a travel agent but from reviews on trip advisor I'm thinking twice about. Can you please share your experiences, advice, pics anything you can think of with me.... please this has been overwhelming and with having less than a year I need to get moving on this.
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