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  1. I emailed the spa, spa1.nosrc@nowresorts.com The lady who usually takes the appointments is Gladys. I would just ask her to reconfirm. I had no issues, but she sent me the names, times, and what service who is getting. I used the resort for floral arrangements and I was not disappointed, but if you aren't going to use your bouquet thats included I bet they would work a deal and do another arrangement, especially if you aren't using their bridesmaids bouquets as well. I would just ask and make sure with your wedding coordinator. I didn't know really how my bouquets were going to look like, I gave Ramon an idea and he went with it and I loved mine! Now that I am thinking about it, I don't know if bridesmaids bouquets were included. (its been 4 months since my wedding there) Depends on which tables you are using, rounds squares longs? There is a bridal suite that you can use in the spa area. It was a great place for everyone in my wedding party to hang out, it is an additional cost ($99 i think) but it includes a bottle of champagne, orange juice, and fresh fruit. It was a little toasty in there but I think they forgot to cool it down in there before we got there. That is where we had our hair and makeup done.
  2. @@jessiker05 Thats great! I think the tequila terrace is far enough away and like i said, i think the wind and distance will make a difference so i bet it will be perfect! that was the only thing that i noticed so i bet the rest will be just fine. ill still post pics in case other people want to see the preferred pool and the ceremony site.
  3. Hi there! I am so sorry it took so long to reply. I am in recovery mode! My wedding was May 18th and I got home on May 24th. To answer you in some detail but quickly I will tell you about my ceremony and reception, send you some pictures, then I will write a general post explaining more of my wedding day! Mine went really well, I did wake up sick. Not pukey but you can get the idea. Other than that I really have no complaints(just was pretty humid). I was worried a little about having the reception at the preferred pool initially, but I am SO glad we did now! First of all (and as I am writing this, I am not saying that anyone else's wedding choices were wrong, this is just how i feel so I am not trying to offend anyone!) I saw someone mention the ceremony is further down the beach past the beach bar which is correct. I was super happy with this because it was more secluded to me. Further away from the main pool, the restaurants, etc. It was between buildings 4 and 5 I believe. I will post pics of that. It turned out great! Ceremony was at 4, it was pretty hot and no matter where you get married on the beach its windy so keep that in mind. I did side pony for my hair and did it to the side where it wouldnt be blowing in my face. Ceremony was about 20 mins- wanted to keep it quick! We had the guitarist soloist play, and the resort set up a sound system for the guy marrying us. I had a song I wanted to walk down the aisle to, and Ramon had that taken care of. I am not sure if he used my Ipod or if they downloaded the song but it worked out perfect! We did pictures, cocktail hour at 6 at preferred pool, we came back and we we introduced along with our bridal party, dinner at 7. Now I am very pleased that I had a DJ. I am not sure how other people have done it with just their Ipod and speaker in the past, but We used DJ Mannia and they kept the party rolling. They were on track with Ramon our wedding coordinator, and he checked with us how things were going to go in order before he announced anything and luckily he did because there was one minor mix up but it was easy fixed! just had our first dance too close to the beginning of the reception somehow. We did dinner and partied and the preferred pool was amazing and sooo secluded and private. The one thing that was kinda rough was that the wind could not get through the trees. there was a small breeze but not enough to cool us down. Again, I was not feeling good so the humidity made me worse but after we did our first dance and I stuck it out in my wedding dress for a while, i pulled that sucker off and put on a cocktail dress. that was a relief. Then the groomsmen had a fabulous Idea, they wanted to do a photo of them jumping in the pool. At first i didnt know what to think but as everyone danced, everyone was so hot and sweaty that i really didn't care. my husband, 3 groomsmen, and maid of honor jumped in the pool and the photographers captured great photos! then i decided what the hell so my brother and husbands friend picked me up and jumped in the pool with me. It made it so much fun! I felt so much better after i was cooled down. I will say that the waiters were totally on top of everything, all the drinks, shots, hors d oeuvres, serving, picking up plates, etc. It all was perfect. I am pretty laid back but I laid out all of my details to Ramon, and he was really good at repeating them back to me so he knew we were on the same page. After the reception ended we went to the club and carried on. That was my night. I hope it makes you feel better. I, too wanted to have my ceremony over on the beach and tequila terrace as my reception, and I believe no matter what that is a beautiful choice, but I will add this. When we did our dinner on the beach, it was on the beach obviously, in front of bluewater grill. If I turned to the left, there was a reception on the tequila terrace, and if I turned right there was a reception on the beach terrace. I did enjoy my dinner and did not care, but it was almost like the DJs were battling. I am sure with the wind and if you were right there at the reception you couldn't hear the other but I was grateful mine was not in those locations. But those locations are really pretty though. The other thing that surprised me was that when we walked up to blue water grill and told them we were there for our beach dinner, they walked us through the reception at the beach terrace! I felt terrible walking through, I would have been a little upset that they did not have a different path to take if that were my reception. Just was weird. Both my husband and I were really happy with the whole process and I don't really have any complaints! I hope that helps. Sorry so long but I want to make sure you feel good. We may not have the same likes or interests though so hopefully you aren't disappointed with this spot. As for before the wedding, we did a meet and greet the night before. we made friends with a waitress down there in the Lobby Bar. Her name is Krystal, she was SO fun and amazing. What we did was we paid her out before(as a tip that is, which you don't have to but she was so good to us that she deserved it), told her to take care of us (we had a group of 40) and we also tipped out another waiter because we took all of his couches from his section and would't have anyone to serve since we took most of his section, and did that. We did not want to reserve anything and spend more money. If you have any other questions let me know! ill try to add some photos now. @@jessiker05 I will post pics as soon as I can figure out how I might need to have to get some help cause I am confused!
  4. We just spent the money and got the room we wanted because it was something we wanted to make sure that they had and they get booked up quick.
  5. @@JaxBchKay Fantastic thank you for the info! Getting close! I can't wait to hear about your wedding. Leave in about double the days of you so youll have to update when you get a chance after the wedding!
  6. how did you do the champagne toast after the ceremony? did you have to purchase additional champagne and have the resort pour the glasses of champagne? did you have enough time with the first glance photos doing them 10 mins before the ceremony? and where did you have your cocktail hour/reception?? Thanks!!!
  7. @@CurlyKristen did it cost to do you trial for your hair? i posted this earlier but i did not tag your name correctly, sorry for the repeat!
  8. CurlyKristen How soon before the wedding day did you do your trial?? Did they charge? Everything sounds amazing congrats!!
  9. You carry on your decorations, check a bag with clothes and then see if anyone else will carry on a bag for you. You can carry your dress on too.
  10. We are doing outside vendor as well. We are using "Photos in Cancun" and also using them for a TTD shoot as well. Was worried about the reviews of the resorts photographers.
  11. Did anyone wear heels that got married on the beach? The place I got my shoes recommended the clear plastic things to put on my heels to help not sink into the sand. Anyone use those?
  12. Thanks for the info. Would love to see and hear how everything went. We are having ours at the preferred pool so if you could send pictures that would be awesome! What time is your ceremony at? Good luck with everything and congrats!!
  13. I looked up that the sun sets in may around 6:20. They wanted our wedding at 6, so we talked about moving it a little earlier. We were planning on doing all family and our first viewing before the wedding so we can head straight over to the cocktail reception but i was worried about the sunlight and want to get group photos as well so we may move the wedding earlier,only to do our first viewing shots and then ceremony and group and family and then cocktail reception starts while we finish up. I'm sure it'll all work out. Thanks for the info,i emailed as soon as I read that earlier. I also asked my travel agent but she was surprised because she has a client having her reception there as well and is having a dj. I'll let you know what they say
  14. @@DinaQtobe Do you recall how it looked in the evening out there at the preferred pool? Was there a fair amount of lighting out there or do you think I need to consider figuring out some lighting? We hired a DJ so I'm sure that will help.
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