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  1. I would love to do a Welcome Dinner, but we have guests arriving Saturday - Wednesday, so that won't really work for us.  On Wednesday night we are going to do Bach parties, but we haven't figured out many of the details for that yet.  I told my sister (moh) I had enough to plan, so she needed to figure that out :)


    I like to do a "rehearsal" dinner type thing if we can get the resort to reserve a section of the restaurant for us, too.   Friday is our wedding so we will have the ceremony and reception.


    I'm not going to plan too many excursions, because I know this is their vacation, too.  I'm thinking we will all do things in small groups or as a big group though.

  2. I had originally sent out a brochure with some resort information with our invites. 


    With about a month to go, I just sent an initial email this week (since all of our guests are confirmed now). In the email I put the week's timelines and what they can expect (tulum excursion, halloween, wedding day info) and I reminded them about travel insurance and taking dukoral. I included dress code for wedding and other basic information.


    Since I'm the travel agent myself, I will be sending out another email with tickets/travel documents and other necessary travel information approximately two weeks before we leave. 



    How much detail did you give them about excursions / activities?

  3. I want to do a sand ceremony for our wedding, but I don't want to use craft sand.  Rather, my plan is to have each of us scoop sand from where we are standing and pour that in to the jar.


    I kind of thought it would be cool to have a smaller scoop and ask all of our friends and family who are attending to scoop a little sand from where they are at when we said our vows and say something about how it means a lot to us to have them there, as they have influenced us as individuals and as a couple and are very much a part of the day.


    While I really like the sentiment of that, I don't know how practical it is and how we'd do it logistically with 40 guests.


    Should I scrap involving the guests, or leave it?  If I leave it...how do we do it smoothly?



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