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    Now Jade-Riviera Maya, Mexico
  1. Button up Photography is the best! He was rated one of the top Photographers in Mexico! I had him photograph our destination wedding 5/1/15. One word....AMAZING! Check out his link below! http://www.buttonupmx.com/
  2. @@rachelia160 Yes you will have free Wifi. You just have to type your room number up and last name. The wifi is a little spotty. You will have to re-log in often. You can log up to 3 devices per room. But you will always have free wifi throughout! @@valleyhart16 I'd be happy to send you mine. Send me an email if your interested in seeing my website. We just got back from our wedding at the Now Jade! We ended having almost 70 guests for our wedding. We had our ceremony at the Pergola. Cocktail Hour at the Mix Bar. Reception at Castaways. Pergola is breathtaking. Mix Bar is the most amazing
  3. @@Nybride525 Congrats! Me and my hubby met while you guys while you were doing the trash the dress. Hope you guys had an awesome wedding!
  4. https://www.etsy.com/listing/72812214/place-card-holder-beach-wedding-gold?ref=sr_gallery_5&ga_search_query=starfish+place+cards&ga_ref=auto1&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery This is what I bought!
  5. That's helpful! I think I wanna do the same! Can you post a picture of it please? Btw I get married 2 days before you!
  6. @@smileitseb I went to go Joann fabrics the other day I had a hard to finding the book. I saw mini photo books. What does your book look like? I wanted to get a guest book where they can take the picture and stick the picture on the book and write well wishes on there. Is that what you have?
  7. Pilar at the Now JADE IMO is a joke. She is the worst! She doesn't respond in at timely manner. And when she does respond she doesn't even answer ANY of your questions. She leaves you more frustrated then before! Its almost as if she copies and pastes from past email from OTHER brides. @@tracyannhoward Ask for the guitarist direct email address. He will send you songs that he is familiar with and that is in his repertoire. He sent me an entire listing!
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