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  1. I am getting married May 16th, are you guys bringing lots of stuff with you for decor, etc..
  2. I would love to see pictures of the ballroom! I can hardly find anything online ! And, give feedback if you can on food
  3. I loved it takes a lot of the hassle away with guests booking their rooms. Also allows everyone to use a payment plan instead of paying up front.
  4. Love the photos and video can't wait for my wedding! @@LizzieH Yes i know thats what kept us switching back and forth between the solarium and the ballroom, but since we were paying for dj thought to just take the ballroom.
  5. Still no emails for freebies! But, i did see a lot of reviews for them messing up orders. But, I would love to add t shirts or note pads to my OOT bags
  6. I think I'm going to use space saver bags and stuff thing together . save room and on the return trip it won't matter
  7. lol thank you! I have been signed up for two weeks now and no emails at all ! But i will look into retail me not to see if i can find a code or something
  8. I have been to HRH hotels before but not this one. My friend had a wedding at the Punta Cana location and loved it and the service. She had the audio iPod set up and had a dj do a mix for her to play. I don't know one so i didn't look as much into it. I'm doing the hacienda beach and the ballroom for the reception
  9. No unfortunately I'm still waiting on quotes. I sent over pictures of what i wanted to see if it can be done. I am booked through destination weddings.com everything has been smooth with them. Yes i am doing a cocktail and reception. Yeah they are pricey i went with the hotels dj because that was one of our main things we wanted.
  10. I wasn't sold on the Colin Cowie Collection either. The company is Gamanteles. I have Janessa in Miami who has been helping me and she mentioned that closer to the wedding i will have a coordinator in Mexico. I am in america in New York. Do you have some insight on how i can attach a link ? I got it to work ! There is a bigger catalog that won't work it too large! Gamanteles Accessories.pdf Gamanteles Chair Sleeves.pdf Gamanteles Drapery.pdf Gamanteles Weddings.pdf Gamanteles Tablecloths&Napkins.pdf Gamanteles Illumination.pdf Gamanteles Furniture.pdf
  11. Hey Everyone! I am trying to order some things from VistaPrint and noticed that some have found free items, can someone explain the process ?
  12. I can figure out how to post the attachments. But instead of the Colin Cowie collections they have a company that you can customize anything you want. There are no a lot of photos but you can see some of the options
  13. Hello, Thats Great ! i was starting to think i was the only bride on here! Its going well just hard leaving everything up to emails. I started looking at some of the al a carte wedding items
  14. I am so nervous about this don't know what to do. Our hotel doesn't offer the complimentary room night, so don't know if we should splurge on extra room ?
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