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  1. @@smileitseb Thanks for your response and advice! Your right, it is going to be the best day of my life and I might as well live it up! I talked to my fiancé and we decided to extend the reception.
  2. @@smileitseb It's so nice to see you are still on the forum and kind enough to answer questions!! My wedding is just about a month away!! I've been busy every day finalizing all the little details! My biggest decision right now is whether to extend our reception an extra hour. I'm so torn because I really do not want to spend the extra $, however, I feel like the 3 hours will fly by and I really want my guests to enjoy the party! I'm just not sure if it would be better to end the reception and continue the party at Desires. I remember you saying you extended your reception. Was it worth it? Did you feel like the night flew by quickly? Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!
  3. @@smileitseb Thank you so much for your detailed review! It is so helpful! Your wedding looked absolutely perfect! Loved all your fabulous details! How were the appetizers at the cocktail party? Did you feel like there was a nice breeze coming from the ocean during your ceremony? I am getting married in August and I hope it's not too uncomfortable for my guests. What was your favorite restaurant at the resort? Sorry for all the questions!
  4. @@smileitseb Sounds like it was so much fun!! Can't wait to read your review and see more of your beautiful pictures. Yes!! I joined the FB group, my name is Francine Keegan. I'm going to friend request you, if that's okay!
  5. @@smileitseb Congratulations!! You were a beautiful bride and your wedding looked fabulous! I'm looking forward to reading your review and seeing more pictures! How was your welcome cocktail party at the jacuzzi? Did you have music?
  6. @@smileitseb Enjoy every moment of your special day and weekend!! It will be beautiful! Can't wait to see your pics!!
  7. @@phdtck1 the chocolate rattan set-up does not include the tables and chandelier lights.
  8. @@smileitseb Thanks for sharing your info! LOVE the "all white' theme for your party!! Great idea!! I have pretty much the same appetizer choices too! I hope the food is as delicious at is sounds. I don't think I'm eligible for the free cocktail promotion there were running for new brides, as I booked before the promotion was advertised. I'm going to inquire about it and see how it goes - although I'm doubtful I'll get it for free. When I first began planning for a destination wedding, I really thought the resorts offered more complimentary add-ons and I see DRC doesn't seem to do that. We really should be getting the welcome party complimentary considering we are bringing so many guests and spending so much!! I'm going to try my best and negotiate as much as I can. Have you had any luck negotiating any of your extras or upgrades? I attached a pic of the chocolate rattan lounge set-up: It's $400 + tax and includes 4 sets of 8 people each. If your WC says no to your inquiry about the free welcome party, you should negotiate and see if they will throw in the set-up complimentary for you! I'm going to try and do that! @@phdtck1 Thanks for your advice! Your right, no more dining out for me! LOL Have to cut corners if I want my dream destination wedding! Please let me know if your TA is able to get you the cocktail party for free - I hope so!!
  9. @@smileitseb You must be so excited for your big day!! Thank you for sharing all your details. This thread has been so incredibly helpful. It sounds like your wedding will be beautiful. I would love to see pics and hear all about it! I just sent the first draft of the wedding planning form to my WC, Claudia Solis. Our wedding timeline is similar. I'm planning a Welcome Cocktail Party at the Jacuzzi on Saturday from 7:00 - 8:30. Also getting married on a Sunday at the Gazebo @ 5:00 p.m. Right now we are at 55 guests and estimating 65/70. We are having our reception in the Ballroom. Are you having a certain set-up for your welcome cocktail party? I was thinking about having the chocolate rattan set-up with a few Tiki Torches. I'm not sure if there will be any seating at the Jacuzzi, so I feel like I have to rent some sort of seating. Contemplating renting the sound system as well. They nickel and dime for every single detail, so it's really adding up. I just really want to make it fun for all our guests who are traveling to celebrate with us. What did you choose for appetizers?
  10. @@nattiegams325 I hope you are feeling better! Thank you so much for your detailed review! I really loved all your flowers and arrangements! I would like to have a simialr setup for my ceremony at the Gazebo. Were the flowers and arrangements you chose offered in the Ultimate Package catalog or did you upgrade? I think you mentioned this already, but would you mind clarifying for me, will they use the flowers from the ceremony for the cocktail and reception? Thanks!
  11. @@nattiegams325 Congratulations!! Everything about your wedding looked perfect and you looked beautiful!! I also LOVE all the details you had, from the ceremony to the reception. Color scheme and flowers were so classy and chic, exactly what I want. I originally planned on having my reception in the ballroom and after seeing your pictures, I want to change it to Seaside Grill! Thanks so much for sharing your pics! Feel better!
  12. @@SchroederWedding2015 Congratulations and thanks so much for your advice!! Your right, I don't want everyone traveling down to Mexico to be stuck inside. P.S. LOVE your Chapstick labels
  13. Need some advice! Getting married on August 16. Ceremony is at the Gazebo, cocktail hour at the jacuzzi and reception in the ballroom. I originally chose the ballroom because it's air conditioned and I was worried it would be too humid, muggy and uncomfortable to have the reception outside. Now I'm having second thoughts. Lately I've been looking at pictures of the ballroom and I'm just not crazy about the way it is set-up, or decorated for receptions. I do not like the look of the carpeting. I'm thinking about switching the reception to the Seaside Grill or Portofino restaurant. Anyone else worried that it will be too humid for an outside reception in August?? Any thoughts or advice as to what I should do would be greatly appreciated!!!
  14. @@nattiegams325 Wishing you all the best! Congratulations! Enjoy every moment of your special time!
  15. @@hellosassypants I'm using DestinationWeddings.com as my TA as well. I've read many mixed reviews about them. Most seem to be pretty negative, which makes me very worried. How has it been going for you? So far my specialist has been great! She responds right away to my emails and has been super helpful. However, I have had a few guests say that she did not return their phone calls. She seems to correspond mostly through email. If you don't mind me asking, who is your specialist?
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