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  1. Have seen a pencil caricature on the wall and found out it was ordered online and printed out on PVC sheets. These artists do a lot of inexpensive stuff, see their artwork examples https://photolamus.com
  2. Hi all, Are there any cool/low-temperature spots in the California mountains, which would be suit for a summer wedding?
  3. Hello pet-lovers, here's a kitten of the most friendly and gentle cat breed we've ever had, the Archangels. It's the 2 month old Kitty exploring the outside: Kitty gallery
  4. Well, I cant say a thing about meeting fiance, but when I was young and foolish there were strange cases when I stroke up an aquaintance with a girl just on the street and after a few dates we found that we had met online a couple of years ago and she hadnt decided to meet then, I dont know why. And there were cases when I met a girl online and after a few real dates, while passing by certain landmark it downed on us that we had already met there a year ago and she had refused to talk to me and had sent me to...
  5. Hello everybody, if you got a lot of good photos and you r thinking about some DIY ideas for newlyweds and / or guests, you may wish to create for them a slideshow with some beautiful music. You may email them a 3D slideshow or an album done by you with your warm wishes using this tool: http://smartshow-software.com/best-wedding-slideshow.php . You can apply 100+ slide transitions, create dynamic compositions with multiple layers and much more. It's much more enhanced than the Windows Movie Maker. Check their free trial.
  6. People, thanks for sharing (my girlfriend has just moved to Toronto)
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