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  1. @ BTOPPINGS OMG!! Not much time left anymore!! I'm sorry, my ceremony is at 3pm (not celebration) We'll be about 60-65 taking the flight from Montreal! It's gona be crazy!! Other people will be from US, Calgary, Ottawa. OUr guests will stay for 8 days and when they'll leave, we'll move to another hotel for 1 more week ! What about u? And how was the fitting dress?? @ EmmaNahaylo I'm soooooo excited to hear that!! You seemed to have a lot of fun at the wedding you've been to! Hope my wedding's gona be like that Do you remember until what time they booked the private party? I don't know why, I couldn't see the pictures you put with the tulum gazebo. Was it a nice place to do a ceremony? How many people were they? Could you please e-mail me those pictures; garde.gingras@hotmail.com We are about 80 people and I'm getting maried there... I was curious
  2. @@BTOPPINGS I know! It realy funny!! We are both big groups: arond 80 people , and both on the same date We will arrive from Québec on the 17th! We are getting realy excited!! We'll do almost the same thing as you during that day but we'll keep the party going on untill 0h30. We might see each other at discotheque after We though about doing the speaches during the celabration which is @ 3pm, and doing other speaches during dinner time. I think you're from Victoria, BC, right?? Is everything almost ready for yourself? I'm still doing a lot of last minute things... I'll let you know if we get the list of the activities!
  3. @@BTOPPINGS I have been told you can have (rent) a mic at the restaurant if you have the restaurant to yourself but I am not sure if you can have your own music. They told me the restaurant already have is music playing. I am trying to get the calendar of the activities going on at the resort during the week of the 17th so I can print it and give it to my guest before they board the plane. Any idea how I can get the schedule? Thanks
  4. Hello ladies! I need to make my music selection for my wedding celebration and for my dinner. Do I need to put my music on a CD, on a MP3, on a USB key or on an Ipod??
  5. @ Tiseege Realy?? They've told us that it would be an 300$ extra charge if we party after 11pm but that it would be possible. Have you seen it? Do you think it is worthit? I'm worried that if we end the poolside party at 11pm, that a lot of people are going to go to bed and then, the wedding party would end... How is the discotheque? I'm worried that my uncles, aunts, parents wouldn't be interested to go there. It seems to be verry louded and young... What do you think?
  6. I'm wondering if we should have a private party until 11PM or until 0h30 AM ? Could anyone give me an advice... I know that there is the discotheque as well...
  7. Does anyone know if there is a dress code for the Arlequin Restaurant??
  8. @Tiseege I have another question for you I know that you've told me that the Arlequin restaurent is already beautiful and we don't need to add a lot of decoration. But I've just looked at the picture you took their and their is a single flower on each table. Do they always put it or you have to pay for that?? And I just had an answer from Maria ( our wedding planner) and she told they don't have the Calla lillies Those were realy the flowers I wanted, so I was wondering if I should buy pretty fake flowers and bring them their. Do you have any advice? Are their wedding bouquet realy worthit? Would anyone have pictures of the wedding bouquet? And pictures of the Arlequin restaurent? If somebody does, could you please e-mail it to me : garde.gingras@hotmail.com Thanks a lot!!
  9. @ Tiseege Regarding the DJ, is he only there to put the music on, or if he's also there to entertain the group and add some atmosphere ?? Does he do the launched of the bridal bouquet? I was wondering because we already have a large selection of music on an Ipod.. so knowing that, would it be worth it to have a DJ? If yes, is there one DJ better than the other? And talking about the Trash the dress, have u ever done that at the "Cenote"? If yes, is it far from the resort and do u need some special equipment?
  10. @ Tiseege Wowww!! Thank you soooo much for all these info! That helps me a lot! I'm really desapointed that we can't have the sky lanterns We are getting married @ Tulum Gazebo! I've seen a lot of pictures with red carpets ( for the bride's walk) but do u know if it's possible to have a White carpet? A about the Arlequin restaurant, u said you've seen both: round and rectangular tables at that restaurant? I'm trying to plan my decoration. We will be a group of approximitly 80 people. Regarding the flowers, does anybody know if the have CALLA Lily ( not only lillies)?? And we are thinking about booking a DJ. Does anyone know what he's doing... only dealing with the music or also entertaining the crowd with wedding games? Thanks
  11. @@BTOPPINGS OMG, We are getting married on the 20th as well, at 15h pm. Actually, when we booked for our weddind, we asked for the arlequin restaurent, which has been confirmed a few weeks ago! @ Maggietron Thanks a lot for those info!
  12. Hello everyone!!! My name is Kate and I am getting married in November at the Akumal section of the Grand Bahia Principe. Like all of you I have a lot of questions and not a lot of them are getting answered by our wedding coordinator. I know there are kind of last minute sometimes but I just can't wait and I was wondering if some of you would be able to help me??? Here is a FEW questions I have: #1: At the Arlequin restaurant, what kind of table is it? (round or rectangular) with how many people at each table?? #2: Is there chair cover at the restaurant? #3: I would like to have center pieces/center table on each table, is it possible? What could I do or make? Do they have vases or glasses that I could use for that? Flowers? #4: Could I put some candles on each table at our wedding dinner? Do we have to bring our own candles or do they have some? #5: Would it be possible to have Sky lantern (paper lantern) that we would light and make them fly close to the beach?? (We would like to give one to each person at our wedding so we could light them and send them awayas a "good luck" wish) #6: Is it possible to make a Power Point with pictures during the dinner or at the after party (beside the pool)? #7: For the wedding ceremony, is it possible to have a white carpet for the bride to walk? Thank you so much for trying to help me and I guarantee I will do the same if I can. Cheers Kate