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  1. To each their own for sure! And they're definitely not for every body type. On the other hand, destination weddings are often hot and humid, so the less fabric the better!
  2. Hello Brides to Be!! Anyone have questions in regards to the Mayan Riviera?

  3. Ahhh... I remember that May well. We had a lot of friends visiting us from the states, and we could hardly stand the beach, the sand hurt so bad It seems in May and June the wind blows really low like that. I'm still figuring out the meteorological conditions down here. But hey! It's the tropics and pretty hard to predict 100% (or even 50%) most of the year! Positive note, if it did rain... I think the photos come out even better sometimes! The sea illuminates bright turquoise! But fingers crossed, no rain - either way you'll be fine! So many brides from Calgary! I've had 2! And you guys seem to be holding up to your nice Canadian stereotype up there
  4. @@TinkerSofi - It's SNOWING?! Where!? I can't even process that! But yes, August is most likely to be hot and humid, like most of the year. 5 PM will definitely be better than when I shot there at 2 PM. The sun will still be a little hot, but the temperature will be on it's way down (the light will be more flattering at 5). But it's also getting to the start of the rainy season, so you might get a few 'cool off' showers or partly cloudy days which are nice. I personally think May is the most blazing month and September is the rainiest month if that helps. Last year it poured everyday from August 27th-Oct. 3rd - but this year has been much better - so it all depends on the weather that year, haha. And sorry, I don't have photos of that reception anymore. I archive photos for a year on a hard drive, then keep a few of my favorites for my portfolio - but I couldn't find any from the reception, I'm sorry ;( I did a search on here and found someone blogged about it and there is a picture of the set-up http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/38283-katkens-azul-sensatori-review-6509/ and on pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/371054456771166836/ Good Luck!
  5. @@kaysav89 Hola! There are definitely pros and cons to The Royal Hotel. I'm a resident here in Playa del Carmen and a wedding photographer - so I know the place well. I don't get kickbacks from the hotel so I'm free to say what I think! (It's like being a free-agent). Yay! Royal Pros - Beautiful architecture, great food and perfect location in Playa del Carmen. (As you know!) Royal Cons- Narrow, crowded beach. I haven't had luck with coordinators there, maybe it's just my luck - but it seems like they switch a lot on people. If you book there, make sure you get a lot of contact information from the coordinators and stay in touch with them as much as possible, I think that's your safest bet. Also, if the narrow beach bothers you, the Gran Porto Real next door has a little bit wider beach, and it's the same company as the Royal. I hope that helps! (And of course if you need a photographer/videographer - I'd be happy to give you some info!) Also - I wrote a blog on preparing for your destination wedding - You can find it here: http://www.bohemia-photography.com/blog/2014/7/Mexico-Destination-Wedding
  6. @@Sophiaone95 Hi there! My husband and I also got engaged in Playa del Carmen and loved it so much we moved here! So now we're wedding photographers here I just want to assure you that it's SAFE! I've lived here for over a year and I feel much safer in Mexico than I did in Oklahoma (where we're from). The biggest crime in Playa del Carmen is bike theft. I've had my bike over a year too, with no problems! I wanted to give you a link to an article on safety statistics for tourists in Mexico for you to read or give your family members: http://www.banderasnews.com/1308/to-amar-how-safe-is-mexico.htm There's another really great in depth one, that I just can't find now... it seems to have disappeared from the internets... if I find it I'll post Poor old mexico, gets a bad rap. But assure your family, if you're not here to get in trouble, you'll be perfectly fine - and I'm not just saying that to get your business down here I love Mexico!
  7. Hi @@samantha22 ! I'm another photographer throwing my hat in! My husband and I are from Oklahoma, but we've been living in Playa for over a year shooting destination weddings. Since we're somewhat new to the area - we offer really competitive pricing. I'm horrible at bragging, but I shall. Our work is getting ready to be featured on beachbride.com and I'm a contributor for bookmorebrides.com - so although, we're considered "new", I know a lot about the industry, and I live, breathe and bleed photography (sharp edges on equipment sometimes). Anyway, I'm really down to earth - but really serious about what I do, it's always an honor for someone to let me capture their big day away from home! I can provide you with references/testimonials from former clients if needed! Here's my site: www.bohemia-photography.com email: bohemiaphotography@@gmail.com and facebook.com/bohemiaphotographyus Thanks and Congrats! We also offer videography services
  8. Hi there brides! I know I'm a bit late to the game on this one - but I thought I'd see what advice I could lend. I'm a wedding photographer in the area (and yes - you should totally book me, there's my self-promotion) but I've shot a wedding at Azul Fives and here's my two cents: I wouldn't book the sky deck from May-August and during midday - It's really, really hot. It's all white, and if your ceremony is there during the midday sun - it's going to lead to some unflattering light for photos, not to mention lots of sweat. :/ Better news: The coordinators seemed very professional and attentive. The cocktail hour at the beach was nice and relaxing. The beach itself can be a little murky at times (the beaches between Cancun and Playa usually aren't as clear) - But, you can't complain too much about Mexican beaches The reception was set-up around the pool area, and the dance floor was under a giant pergola. All the guests seemed to have a blast and everyone looked pretty happy! If anyone needs further help, I'd love to help where I can! Oh! @@reynbow - Look at Waves Salon in Playa. They're really good, do weddings and speak English
  9. CalgaryBride! Oh girl, I hate spiders too. But good news!! I've lived in Playa for over a year and I've never seen a spider! I know they're here - but I just have been lucky to not see one! It's getting a little weird... but this is why I welcome the lizards that live wild in my apartment, and I guess it works So don't cancel just yet! haha
  10. Hey kmk2016, Here's some tips from a former interior designer/ current photographer in the area (me). Don't forget to bring a pretty hanger for your dress! When I'm photographing dresses, it can be a bit of a bummer when there's an ugly wire/plastic hanger attached to something so beautiful. Etsy is a great place to look! Also, bring your invites, save-the-date-cards, etc. to your wedding. As a photographer, I love to photograph all the little details that made your day look like you! Not to mention, you want to to document where all that money went, right? Let me know if I can be more help (or if you need a photographer/videographer)! My email is bohemia photography@@gmail.com or www.bohemia-photography.com And Congrats!
  11. Hi there Dawnb, I guess it would be silly if I didn't throw my hat in the ring here. My husband and I are photographers living in Playa, but from the US. We can offer you both photography and videography packages for more affordable prices than most - we've only been here in Playa for a year and we're looking to build up our portfolio and reputation in the area. I can assure you that nobody else will care as much as us! I just found this forum tonight, so I haven't asked for any reviews on here from my former clients! I can certainly give you referrals from our former clients though if you'd like. Let me know if I can help! My email is bohemiaphotography@@gmail.com www.bohemia-photography.com <--- Our work Thanks! Misti
  12. Hey LisaAnthonyPoppy, As a wedding vendor in Playa del Carmen and a foreign resident (I'm from the U.S.) I agree with your sentiments. Yes, there are crooks in every country, but everything in Mexico is more cut-throat and competitive. I find even in daily life here, that you have to keep your guard up more - or you will get taken advantage of financially. And I'm sorry as a tourist for your wedding that you had to experience that. With all that being said, Mexico has many lovely, gracious people and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. To all the brides reading this, it IS your day - don't let the resorts/vendors try to push you into something you're not comfortable with. Without you, we wouldn't have any business! If you stand firm, you can get what you want (within reason).
  13. Deep breaths, NotSoWitty! Everything will be ok Good thing you got a room with air con, the humidity here in Playa will definitely melt make-up - don't forget primer! I kind of hate being self-promotive but I wrote a blog that might help you, almost the entire middle section is about wedding day make-up! http://www.bohemia-photography.com/blog/2014/7/destination-wedding-packing-list Good luck! Misti
  14. Hi NYbride! I'm a photographer in the area and thought I'd lend some advice... there are two very active communities on Facebook, search: Expats and Locals in Playa del Carmen and Soy Playense ENGLISH. There are some really good people in there (that I know personally) that could certainly recommend the sitters they use for their own children, Also - check out the playa.info forum Hope that helps!
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