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  1. Hahahaha, a pleasure, maybe I should take up wedding planning as well!! Then again think I have had my fair share, good luck xxx
  2. I agree, you need a destination wedding band who regularly play abroad who are used to the playing outside the UK. I recently saw rock my reception at a friends wedding out in Dubrovnic. Defo worth looking at as the offer a destination wedding package and seem to specialise in destination weddings. Other than that I guess you can only ask the venue and the wedding organisers if they know of any in-house or local musicians. Maybe try wedding fayres… a good opportunity to meet different suppliers?? Hope this helps!!
  3. I would text a nice polite reminder. And make it clear that its ok if they can't come to our wedding so they don't feel uncomfortable. Our wedding website we did with wedding hand has rsvp so most have got back to us, so we are lucky!
  4. I love having a wedding website. I up date it and I keep adding photos so it keeps our guests up to date. It looks fab as I have used the template that goes with our wedding theme. So cool. We did ours with wedding hand. http://www.weddinghand.co.uk
  5. yeah send an email and keep it short and a blaming cost is a good excuse because people understand that weddings are expensive and with you all ready married it is money that you don't need to spend. Hope it happens one day if that's what you both want x good luck and stay strong x
  6. I would need a few glasses of wine. I bet once you get into it you will be fine! good luck x
  7. minimoon... like it. Lets hope mine is a full honeymoon x
  8. Australia looks soooo nice. Beaches and big cities perfect.
  9. the photos look fab. what a lovely place, perfect backdrop!!!! You both look so happy x
  10. I love looking at the fab photos. I love the photos in the surf. I don't think id dare get wet but never say never!
  11. congratulations. Im a newbie too and excited to be involved with this whole crazy wedding thing x so much to think about !!!!!
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