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  1. @@murmel I second everything you just said we just returned last Wednesday and brides you do not have to worry about a thing ! The on site wedding team could do it with their eyes closed they are awesome !! They took away all my worries for sure . They even got my little neice and nephew down the Isle holding a sign and they didn't even fight over it haha
  2. @@linaco80 thank you for the reminder to relax I will definetley need to remember to do that !! 6 more days !!
  3. @@Ydolem your pictures are amazing , I booked photostudioab as well ! But I'm annoyed with karisma now! I tried to negotiate that vendor fee and they say no way is that possible . What a joke . They sure know how to squeeze you for every penny , we had the same situation with bill being in USD , very unfair if we have to pay in American why can't we get the same perks ! We leave in one week I hope our experience Is as good as yours !! Thanks for writing the review , very reassuring for me ????
  4. @@lauralc I also had 4 cancel last week ! Not sure if they reimburse you now I'm wondering the same thing , cause I think we should !
  5. There's 14 days until we make the journey to Mexico . Starting to get anxiety that I'm going to forget everything. Please tell me I'm not the only one having nightmares ! Lol the other night it was I cut all my hair off the week before than couldn't do my hair for the wedding ... haha yikes !
  6. @@sherman just wondering where you got that Information , I booked the memorable moments ceremony package but didn't get half that stuff ( as far as I know anyways) or is the ultimate package something different? Wanna make sure I get the best bang for my buck !! Lol
  7. Ladies who brought decorations down with them , going through customs were you required to provide receipts for all of them ?? Or what about gifts for bridesmaids/groomsmen
  8. @@atyson03 I am headed down in 41 days! And I really really wanted peonies for a bouquet , so I booked them with my coordinator and than started thinking about how outrageous the price was for them (300 dollars !) So I canceled it and bought a silk peony bouquet off of etsy cost me 150 dollars but at least I'll have it more than ten minutes now and get to keep it as a keepsake .. anyways I'm going to wrap it in bubble wrap and put it in my carryon , I'm worried about doing that though because it has decorative pins in it. So a shoebox and bubble wrap in my checked bag may have to do. We also went to Michaels and bought silk flowers and ribbon and made the bridesmaid bouquets , which was WAY cheaper than 80 bucks a bouquet down there. Michaels has good sales and coupons usually so it worked well.
  9. Does anyone know if there are any rules against confetti at this resort ?
  10. @@ShannonLeAnn I guess they will provide pizzas at no charge for the kids is what I was offered !
  11. I need more wonderful advice from you ladies !! I can't figure out how to start a topic lol so my FI and I want to make the welcome gift for our guests a pair of sunglasses. I asked before how to put them in people's rooms for when they check in, But was told it was impossible. Our dilemma is we have close to 80 people attending . We have the quote done up for the custom sunglasses but don't want to commit until we have an idea of how to hand them out to our guests ! Any insight would be so helpful. Right now it's basically either we figure out to give them to our guests in a tasteful manner without us having to individually and them to each person! or not order them at all.... HELP!!! TIA
  12. @@LaurenR I just got told that spoons cannot accommodate me for my rehearsal dinner anymore and wanted to move me to zocalo alfresco. I asked to be put in Topaz instead, haven't heard back yet. So I'm sure it's possible to have it somewhere else !!!
  13. Need help ! Doesn't really have to do with the resort but I am stumped on where to get an outfit for my 3 year old nephew/ringbearer . I've searched ans searched the Internet , does anyone have any ideas , I want to put him in shorts a short sleeve button up shirt, suspenders and a bow tie and a fedora. . Any suggestions would be great help ! I'm running out of time ????
  14. @@kmk2016 awesome thanks for the feedback! I think it'll be a better bang for my buck !! @@linaco80 well if they're good quality I think it would be less tacky ? I think ask your bridesmaids , they'd be honest right ?? My bridesmaids suggested silk for them lol so you never know !
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