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  1. My fiance and I have decided we're going to host a pre-wedding meeting/get together for guests attending our destination wedding. I thought this would be a good idea to get everyone together to answer questions guests may have regarding obtaining/renewing passports, obtaining passports for minors, pre-wedding travel tips & advice, what to pack/bring, packing/travel suggestions, what they (the guests) should be doing and have done by this point as far as passports go, etc. I was also going to print out helpful information for them. If it's one thing I've learned in the past 2 years of planning a destination wedding, it's that you have to babysit and guide your guests along, lol! That's not meant to be a negative statement in any way, it's simply the truth I don't mind at all, I have enjoyed answering our guests questions and providing them with as much helpful information as I possibly can. I have also included everything on our wedding website and on our wedding closed group on Facebook as well. In addition to those 2 forms of keeping everyone updated, I've also mailed out newsletters letting people know that airfare was now available, the resort is booking up quickly for the weekend of our wedding, etc. It has been very helpful. I'm not having a hard time finding information, ideas for this pre-wedding meeting/get together we want to host. Any DIY templates that would include passport information, pre-travel information, etc.? Any tips/advice/templates/websites/blogs would be great help!! Thanks so much!!
  2. Hello fellow Beaches Turks & Caicos Brides-to-be! Our special day is set for 11/07/2015!! We've been planning this for 2 years now! We've already visited the resort for our pre-wedding visit!
  3. Thank you ladies! I went and bought Microsoft Publisher (which was highly recommended here on BDW) and I've started to create my own!
  4. I sure hope someone can help me...I've been going crazy, ready to pull my hair out trying to find wedding pre-travel newsletter templates. I've searched just about every combination of words on the Internet and cannot find a helpful thing, or a template that I like that doesn't cost a lot of money. Does anyone know of any? PLEASE help!! Thank you!
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