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  1. @@mariak I just had a look on line and looked for something I liked which I emailed to Pamela and hey said they could do something similar. They did a pretty good job!
  2. @@Nybride525 Thanks for the offer, I dont have facebook but I have seen another brides. I'll just have to be patient.....sooooo hard waiting for the video & my photos! Oh and you made me chuckle....Pawl! Ha ha ha
  3. Hi Do any past brides know how long it takes to get the video from the hotel photographer? How do they do this is it via an Internet link or do they send a DVD? Thanks Leigh
  4. @@rachelia160 I had a legal ceremony and didn't tip the judge or the violinist.....to be honest they had disappeared before I even noticed they were gone! I didn't tip the photographer as it was his own business. I tipped the girl from the spa that did my hair and makeup...this was all done at the same time by one person. I also tipped the wedding coordinator and wait staff. We didnt have a disco, just our own ipod and speaker as it was a small party. Don't know if that helps as I'm a "foreigner" to tipping, I'm from Scotland and tipping is not the done thing in the UK, only for wait staf
  5. Hi folks Im just back from my wedding at the Now jade and just a couple of things you mentioned... @@rachelia160 - My coordinator wasnt Carla however she did help me out on occasions when Pamela was busy and she was always extremely helpful and nice! @@breezie - Regarding your flowers for your wedding cake, we didnt have to pay extra for flowers and they used flowers to match my bouquet on the top of our cake so I would imagine that asking to use your bouquet flowers is not necessary! To all the other brides out there, the wedding planners are great! Although we only had a small party I
  6. I didn't realise this either. I've already ordered my cake & there was no mention of extra costs for cake flowers. Thanks for heads up, must look into this!
  7. Can anyone offer advice on the dress codes for the restaurants. Are men allowed to wear dress shorts? As in can you wear a shirt & chino shorts or is it all long trousers?
  8. Hi Im having a photographer and Im being charged the $150 vendor fee but I cant see $65 for a day pass on my contract. Unless its maybe a mistake but when I enquired about the photographer fee this is the reply I got, no mention of the $65. "If not staying at the hotel it is necessary to pay the external photographer fee which is $150.00 USD per photographer per day" Have you lots of guests coming to your wedding? Ive seen some of the previous brides on the site have still had the cocktail party but opted not to pay for extra appetizers. Perhaps this is an option? I know what you
  9. I was a bit worried about the seaweed factor but then mother nature decides on that one! I think the whole coastline is having troubles with seaweed, including the other hotel you were wishing you had booked - pics on trip advisor! I really hope your experience of at Now Jade gets better as the other brides on here (and TA) have said they had a great time!! Hoping the other issues with the hotel and staff was just an "off day". You've got me a bit worried now!
  10. Hi I got told that I could have an option of two main courses but all other courses had to be the same. Im guessing if you have a veggie or something they will make an exception. I have one very fussy guest and they have allowed me to chose something different for them. Leigh
  11. Hi Brides Did anyone or is anyone taking freeze dried petals for the wedding aisle? Im just wondering if anyone has any advice on how much to take? Thanks! Leigh
  12. Hi, I had an email from Ariada about payment"I want to inform you that the total of the wedding balance must be paid at the hotel at least one day before your wedding day (we accept cash and credit cards as Visa, American Express and Mastercard). **Note:Traveler cheques are not accepted at the hotel** The fees for legal ceremonies must be paid in cash" Leigh
  13. Hi Ladies Ive heard back about the flowers. Peonies are available but are premium. I also asked for a list of what they had, reply below. The flower included at the wedding packages are lilies, roses, gerber daysis, etc, tropical flowers The flowers not included are a premium flowers like orchids, ranuculus, liciantus I'm not quite sure what is meant about tropical flowers!? I emailed a picture of something simple I fancied but they didn't sound too keen to replicate it. Maybe best just sticking the the pics in the brochure!
  14. It's so exciting to hear everyone's stories along with the reassurance factor! I feel like I'm being a little too laid back for now cause I'm bit of a control freak, it's very settling to read the good reviews.
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