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  1. Go to page 5... Post 59 and click the link... And send a request to join
  2. Click the link on page 5 posted by Dblanco... its post number 59 Hope that helps
  3. lol... i see... and i guess they read our private messages too... scary!!
  4. Did you get in trouble for saying "fb group"? ... I was told that advertising the FB group was a forum violation (its not even my group...lol... I didn't realize i was "advertising" I was just trying to help a bride)... I had no Idea Do you think it was the link that was the violation... or just saying "fb group" ... lol... I asked the owner and im waiting to hear back Does anyone have a link to the member forum rules?
  5. It will be worth it...trust me... we have lots of files, pictures and videos... everyone has been chipping in whatever they hear from connie... One girl even went over there in november and checked everything out in person...
  6. yep.. I emailed Connie two days ago... no response... about how long does she take to reply? They still havent taken my deposit (daniel said they would when the resort opens)
  7. That number doesnt work I havent heard back from the new coordinator yet... But still, I understand since resort hasnt opened yet
  8. Please share what you can of your draft.. What information is going on each page? I dont even know what to include on the invitation yet. Did you get a day and time for your welcome party set yet? Im kind of in limbo so I dont know what to include at all...
  9. anyone have any updates? The resort is opening soon... hopefully new info will be available soon! I cant even print up invitations yet
  10. I think its 85 additional per person for the ultimate package .. 75 per person for the love package and im not sure about the first one.... I know I read it somewhere but im not 100% sure... Im already at 56 people so im 36 over (OMG!...lol) They still havent taken my deposit... im sooooooo nervous!
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