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  1. @@salutvie I actually didn't have a room block, and that made things a lot easier on me because I wasn't on the hook for a bunch of rooms if a lot of people didn't end up coming. The way my TA did it was by requiring a $50 deposit to reserve a room for each guest. We had our guests call her to set that up. I also found it was a good way to get a confirmation about who was actually coming (even though a few people cancelled after paying deposits), and our guests were able to get the best rates available by doing it this way. You can still get the free unlimited events by doing it this way
  2. @@salutvie I wish some one had told me about ALL of these free items and discounts before I signed the contract! I really think it would have saved me a lot of money, and I would have had a lot more negotiating power if I had done this upfront. As I was writing this, I realized it could helpful for other Brides, so I pulled together everything that all the girls have mentioned in one list. Ladies - feel free to add to this! Discounts and deals that you should negotiate before signing your wedding contract Lomas Travel/Wedding Policy/rate for outside decor. Negotiate for them
  3. I will share lots of pics @@rtscent ! For the bags, I made a list of everything I included in each bag. We have four giant checked suitcases, two carry on bags, my dress, Tim's suit, and our two personal items. We managed to barely make it all fit, but I'll be happy to unload it all soon! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Ladies... My wedding is in about 2 1/2 weeks and I just got an email from my WC that read like a goodbye email. Did you start to work with the on site coordinator around this time, or should I just expect to have little contact with them until we arrive? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Welcome @@salutvie ! I will say that's it's tough to keep costs down. The resort is usually unwilling to negotiate the prices on their site, so you don't have a lot of wiggle room there. I would recommend thoroughly researching all available promos and offers BEFORE you sign a contract... So many peop
  5. We stayed at the Paradisus last year and loved it... But unfortunately planning a wedding there was too difficult (they were very unresponsive, overpriced, etc.) We chose the Generations Riviera Maya because they have the same quality/feel as the Paradisus, and a private sky deck! You might want to check on other Karisma properties, I know the Azul Fives also has a sky deck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. @@kfracassi Talk to Nikki! I think you should definitely be getting ALL of the discounts that @@rtscent mentioned (though I'm not sure about the $250 resort credit for each guest). I found the details in an email Nikki sent me when we first signed our contract, the subject is "Your Group Details Sheet". I did just notice that your wedding date is Dec 30, so it's possible that you're getting married during a black out date for that promotion? I think I recall there being a few of those dates right around that holidays. Hope this helps!
  7. Ladies - Crazy logistics question. How does everyone get to the airport with all of the wedding luggage? I know this sounds crazy, but we'll have at least 4 large suitcases, 2 carry-ons, my wedding dress, and a 100lb dog (we're dropping him off at a boarding facility near the Chicago airport). I am in serious doubt that all of that stuff will fit inside of our car (a Jetta), so my other consideration was using a pet friendly car service to get an SUV - however this is going to cost us about $200! Our friends/family also have smaller vehicles (city living), and I couldn't bear to as
  8. Good luck @@lauralane ! I'm sure it will be fabulous, and all of us can't wait to hear about it. @@girlinthecity97 You've also been my wedding angel and are frequently discussed in our house! It's actually pretty funny, you're like family.
  9. @@girlinthecity97 Thank you for answering all of my questions so thoroughly! I feel reassured and a LOT clearer on my random crazy lady concerns and will be following up with WC about some things. I think it's time to just have a glass a wine and relax!
  10. @@girlinthecity97 You have been MORE than helpful, thank you! On the Sky Deck thing - my WC assures me that we can have the ceremony and dinner completely set up at the same time without an issue (but you are making me question this). Because of this, we chose to just have everyone stay at the roofdeck for cocktail hour. But instead of having to pay for an extra cocktail hour, we chose to make our reception 3 hours, and took the time for the cocktail hour out of the 4 hours that was alotted for the reception anyways. Ok, BIG Question - BUGS? ON THE SKY DECK? On the pier? Please el
  11. @@girlinthecity97 First - well done! Everything looked amazing, you looked gorgeous, and I'm so happy for you! I had some questions that maybe you can answer... so sorry for the onslaught, it looks like we're going to harrass you! How many guests did you have? We're at 60, which is kind of big for a DW. Officiant - did you use one of the officiants that came with the package? What were they like? Were you happy with it? Reception - Did you have your reception AND ceremony on the Sky Deck? Was there good lighting on the sky deck at night? I am a wee worried it's going to
  12. @@rtscent love the cake topper! I ended up making one, I'll have to figure out a way to share a photo with our group! Yay @@girlinthecity97 ! I'm excited to see pics!
  13. @@lauralane I seriously may be emailing you once you get back! There are so many questions that I don't know the answers to, but have resigned myself to knowing. The biggest thing bugging me is the rehearsal... I guess we're going to have to DIY that one! Hopefully one of my recently married friends can coordinate!
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