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  1. Hi everyone, Not really sure how this works,.... but I will give this a try. We are getting married at the now jade resort, and were wondering if anyone would recommend anything specific for the meals for the dinner?? It seems we can only chose one option for everyone.
  2. oupps... I also meant to leave you my email, in case you do not mind sharing some pictures with me. It's chantalleger_14@hotmail.com. Again, Thanks so much!! Chantal
  3. Hi!! Thanks for the great review!! I was wondering if you would mind sharing some pictures?? I am getting married there April 2015. I am also doing the TTD and would love to see pictures for ideas. Thank you sooo much!! Chantal
  4. Hi My name is chantal. I am getting married at the now jade next april. Would love to see your pictures if you would not mind sharing. My email is :"chantalleger_14@hotmail.com". Thank you sooo much
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