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  1. I have a question for past brides.... did you leave your wedding bands in the safe up until the wedding? I have heard such bad stories about stuff like this and was just curious how it went for you. Thanks I am not sure about the room rate that we got but my guests are paying around 1100 per person for a preferred suiet room for only 4 days. Thursday- Sun... in February. I think it was around 900 for a regular tropical view room.
  2. I feel the same way- so did you plan 30 minutes for the ceremony and then the cocktail hour 1.5 hours later.?
  3. Oh wow!!! Beautiful! Hi Brides! Does anyone have picture of their reception at the Beach Terrace? We are planning to get married at 4om and then wait until 530 for the cocktail hour. Has anyone left a little space inbetween? Thanks
  4. thank you- I got it Congrats!!! I am pretty new to the site also. I am getting married 2/28/15. I was getting soooo stressed with every detail but have read so many different reviews on here. I think it is truly up to you how stressed you will get. I have read stories of brides who did nothing until they got there and everything was perfect and then those who plan for over a year. When I started planning I had so many questions and this site was great for that also! Try not to stress too much! Happy planning
  5. Thanks so much... Im not sure what happened, I got the email but there was not attachment? Would you mind sending one more time. Sorry .
  6. Good afternoon ladies Does anyone have a good recommendation for a koosie company? I want to order koosies for all our guests.
  7. Thank you- I have received a few quotes today as well from the above listed. Im seeing the major difference is the kind of package that you want- for example Doremixx $500 package is with the use of your own ipod, the $650 option has a DJ but they will not do announcements for you- once you are at $750 they will do announcements. Im wondering if the resorts DJ does announcements?
  8. Thanks again Jordan! I emailed DoreMixx. Anxious to hear back. Juan has mentioned thier DJ included lights.
  9. You are awesome!!! Thanks so much for posting. I would love to see the 3 hour quote if you have them? We were actually thinking of just using the DJ for 2 hours. We will have the cocktail hour and dinner hour with music we download and bring our own speaker docking station and then use the DJ for first dances, and the rest of the evening. I dont think we are extending our ceremony... are any of you?
  10. Happy Monday all!!! Has anyone used the onsite DJ? And if so were you happy with this choice? Next question, have anyone used the gutarist during their ceremony?
  11. Thank you! I was wondering if it was too bright? From the picture that Juan provided it kind of looks like a spot light? I was hoping I could dim or turn another way so that I dont blind everyone while they eat Hi- I am new to this site so might not know what I am doing...but I cant seem to open any oth the links. Is there anyway that you could email to me? Leesa.dejong@@gmail.com. Thank you so much! Hello, curious about the catamaran trip. Was this a large expense?
  12. HI everyone!!! I am getting married at NS on 2/28/15. I found this site yesterday and WOW!!!! I am so glad that I did, so much great information. I am sure it has been discussed before but I was curious if anyone had a beach terrace reception and did NOT get the chinese lights? I was quoted $850 for them and can not see spending that amount of money on lights!!! The picture that Juan sent me of what comes with the Divine package looks like a spot light :unsure:Please let me know how this worked for you!!!!
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