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  1. @@amanda88 We are not having a private dinner. We are having our dinner at Le Gourmet and then a reception after. We are paying for the bar and Dj during the reception but that's it.
  2. @ Thanks for reassuring me! The pictures look gorgeous so I am excited to see it on our day. Yes we are so blessed and surprised by the turn out, I honestly thought maybe 30 tops haha
  3. @@StephHing There was no charge to use the tented area, however my group is large so we only fit on the beach or here! We are all at Akumal, 63 in total. I attached some pricing info about the bar options as well, the discounts have changed after the 1st hour.
  4. @@nicolesal Unfortunately my group is so large it's really here or the beach, We won't fit comfortably at the pool lol. Luciana suggested it and assured me it will be private but I'm really ok with it the more the merrier plus it is gorgeous :)
  5. Thank you everyone for your input! We decided against the beach, it is beautiful but I think it would require more lighting to make it magical and that's just not in the budget. We decided on this tented lounge, I'm not sure what Luciana called it but it is beautiful
  6. HI ladies, looking for opinions of having the reception on the beach? They are now offering it as well as poolside. No extra charge for it and two options given in a tent between the beach and bool? or directly on the beach (akumal beach wedding site), I'm kind of loving the idea but don't want it to be crazy windy or something. We are getting married Dec 9th 2015. Also she mentioned that the $450 privatization fee was only applicable during the high season. I have been assigned Luciana and so far have been receiving emails back same day, I also wasn't one to send emails way in advance so probably have a lot of planning to do. I feel comfortable and that they are on the ball happy planning ladies
  7. @@Dreamteam17 I know it was forever ago we talked about the changes in wedding package prices but I just heard from my travel agent. The resort is honouring the original price they sent me of $1240 for the unforgettable package!!! I am so relieved! Thank God for my travel agent
  8. @Dreamteam17 My travel agent was as shocked as I was about the prices, she told me to sit tight and sent an email over to the resort! It may not change anything but fingers crossed...my wedding package price jumped $850...I can see a small increase from year to year but this is crazy
  9. @@Dreamteam17, is this coming from your wedding coordinator or Paloma? The spread sheet I got of prices has 2015 at the top, I wonder if you put up a big enough fuss if they would honour it? I just sent a very long email to my TA about these prices, lets see what she can do lol
  10. @@CBraun is spam do not click link (its about male enhancement) lol @@Dreamteam17, Those aren't the prices I got about a month ago. It listed the unforgettable at $1090 or $1240 for Don Pablo. When did you receive these prices? Can they change it after we have already been offered the original prices?
  11. @@Dreamteam17 Yes we are very happy to not have the extra $35 pp charge! The extra 150 isn't a big deal at all, I just noticed it today and thought I would let any other Akumel guests know. Yes, our travel agent is awesome and got us a great rate right before it changed to luxury.
  12. @nicolesale We got our group rates and put down our deposits which held 30 seats on the plane at our rate for 90 days! We knew we would have more than 30 so we got our family and wedding party to put down deposits with us saving 50 seats which we still went over. After we put down our deposits we sent out invites/save the dates with booking info and prices. @@Dreamteam17 We have the wedding prices for 2015 and the summer rates are through Dec 22nd so we are booked during the summer technically and I guess there is no additional $35 charge! But now that Akumel is a Don Pablo edition the price for the package has gone up from $1090 to $1240
  13. @nicolesal Thanks! that's what I am thinking too but didn't want to be surprised with another $1000 bill when we get there! I just read about that app and will be downloading it soon to try and get some music together. Yes I have 60 guests booked with deposits down! We booked back in August so deposits had to be in by the beginning of October. We are with Air Transat and used a travel agent at Marlin Travel to book. We are flying from Toronto on the 6th of December and as of right now our group is almost half the plane! I found our rate very reasonable at $1348 pp including taxes
  14. Hi everyone! We are booked with 60 guests at Akumel December 6-13th 2015. Our wedding is scheduled for the Tulum Gazebo at 4pm on the 9th. We chose the unforgettable package, I was wondering what the price was for more than 25 guests? The information I received does not list an additional charge for more than 25 for the "summer packages" I just wanted to confirm that this was correct? Also wondering what the best restaurant option would be? We are planning on a poolside reception after dinner with the special cocktails ($5pp and using the speaker to play our iphones $70 phr) Thank You Ladies!
  15. Hi everyone! What a great thread, I have learned so much just scrolling through! I just booked my wedding at the Grand Bahia Principe Akumel, we are travelling December 6-14 2015 and the wedding is booked for the 9th @4pm at the Tulum Gazebo. I have requested the unforgettable package, is it worth the price or should I go for a lesser package and upgrade from there?
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