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  1. @@has31 I can give them to you for $10. yes I can also do 35 napkins as well. Where are you located?
  2. I have these items for sale if you need to complete your decorations or favour bags. Message me if you are interested in any of them and I will negotiate a very good price with you I have a large bag of these blue stones which I used for the bottom of my candle holders and vases at the reception. These are the favour/welcome bags I used, they have bamboo handles and are a great size I found. I have 4 of them. I have about 90 royal blue napkins which I took down with me to give some colour to our reception. I have 2 of these tall vases used for the head table. I have 30 of these small candle holders, I put 3 on each table around my flowers as center pieces I have 3 of these starfish candles as favours. I have 4 sudoku books 6 sets of playing cards I have a pack of 6 blue fans. Here is what our set up looked like for reception:
  3. Embroidered lace gown with straps that flows into an elegant lace build up met with a dual layer empire waist line consisting of a top layer of sheer tulle finished with a hem lace under chantilly lace satin layer. Zipper back. Size 2 Lace on Tulle - extra tulle was also added to this dress Chantilly Lace Satin $1000 obo
  4. After the ceremony, they walk around passing the drinks to the guests. We couldn't use this as it was only 4 bottles provided which was good for only 20-25 guests, we had 90 people so we would have to spend way too much for the toast. We had water and orange juice passed around which was appreciated in the heat at 3pm. We didn't do anything organized after the ceremony, as there are tons of bars around for people to hang out at anyway.
  5. We went Saturday to Saturday and had our wedding on Thursday, we thought it was great that the wedding was towards the end of our stay because it allows our guests to hang out and get to know each other and made the wedding party much more enjoyable for everyone. Our photographer stayed 5 days and we didn't have to pay anything but I had confirmed this with the studio themselves. They change this rule all the time though, they even tried changing it on us but I refused to accept. Congratulations. Looked nice. Who was your wedding coordinator? I didn't experience anything you mentioned. I had no problem with decorations getting back to me. I had taken 2 luggages and given it to Maria and they returned everything to me in the same way. I didn't take pictures of anything with me. Maria had everything saved on her computer from what I had sent them. Our meeting took about 2 hours but we went over everything in detail and we knew where to find her in case we had more questions. I thought they were very great with everything (as stressful as it was prior to arriving)
  6. Is it cheaper to get married in Ontario or Quebec? Deciding where I should do this. Any website/checklist of the process? I'm so clueless about this right now
  7. I got my group rate which was good for one month and within a few days I had sent out my invitations. I had them ready and as soon as I knew the prices I put them into the info package I sent out. the room upgrades weren't anything crazy at Coba since all rooms look the same but you do get free safe, great cleaning service in rooms, gold bracelet giving you access to everything on the grounds, beach towels in the room, free mini bar.
  8. Here are some photos as promised. I will have more later on. The first picture is a spread we had for a persian traditional wedding. The flowers I asked the resort for. They were beautiful.
  9. the trial hair comes with the bridal hairstyling price. no fee for symbolic wedding
  10. We had 7 luggages and they opened every single one but never asked for receipts or anything. I just explained what everything was even though the guy probably didn't speak english and understand what I said. I brought back my bouquet from mexico too which you're supposed to claim.
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