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  1. @@vancouverpetunia I think that's a great idea. We originally were thinking Belize also but the travel options were a bit much for us. We decided to return home and fly elsewhere - after we already bought our return flight we decided on Costa Rica, so instead of changing our flight to go straight from Mexico, we came home for a day or two to drop off wedding things, wash clothes, and re-pack. I'm glad we did cause we spent a day sleeping at home, needed to recharge and then headed back out feeling refreshed! We flew to SJO and took a 2-3 hour drive to Nayara Springs - a super small romanti
  2. I'm currently trying to figure out my timeline! Our reception is from 6-10. So far I have: Guests arrival Intro of wedding party Intro of bride and groom First dance Father/daughter dance Dinner/speeches/toasts Party starts Cake cutting More party time Not 100% set on the order. I figured dinner can wait a little since people will have had snacks and drinks during cocktail hour right before. Also not sure how much time to give for each thing but I have to come up with an estimated timeline. I kinda wanted to get the 'must-do's out of the way early so that once people start dan
  3. @@calgarybride2015 Thanks for the pic! It's super helpful to see how you did it. I'll be sure to take some pics also
  4. @@calgarybride2015 That's what I was thinking - maybe a little tissue paper or even a little clear plastic wrap just to have as a barrier from the plastic. But if you were able to do 48 without stacking then it's clearly more do-able than I thought - I'll have to play around with our luggage. We definitely have extra just in case. Yes 3 weeks!! I'm getting so anxious thinking of the last minute details lol Trying to stay calm
  5. @@calgarybride2015 Stuffing them isn't a bad idea! But I need to bring 52 cups Stacking them may be my only option due to space. Less than 3 weeks away! Ahhh!
  6. I have a question! Did anyone run into any issues with putting on the stickers prior to traveling? Since I will likely put the cups inside of each other in order to save space when traveling to Mexico, I'm a little concerned that the stickers' color may stick to the plastic or get a little stuck to the other cup. @@calgarybride2015 - I know your wedding has passed - did you have any issue like this or were the cups perfectly fine?
  7. I had went on Amazon and found boxes of advil and imodium containing 50 individual packets of meds that I will use for my OOT bags, on Amazon the price wasn't bad at all. The bag looks great!
  8. @@jenna32schap Yea I've thought about it and agree! I've already purchased my mixed colored Tumblers and the stickers for them. Super excited! I looked on Dollartree and found out they have a sister store (Deals) a few blocks away from my house so they can be delivered to the store for free pickup. Yay!
  9. @@calgarybride2015 They look great! I'm trying to figure this out now also. I'm searching for stickers now and might actually be ending up with the ones you had on yours loll They are too cute! What inch size of the stickers did you use? @@jenna32schap - I'm having the same concern. I like having the different colors but think stickers would actually look better on clear. At the same time, I don't really want to tumblers without any personalization on it.
  10. @@LisaAnthonyPoppy That was helpful info you shared! Definitely put me at ease so I can stick with my barefoot sandals
  11. @@MrsCtoB Such a good simple way to differentiate! I agree, definitely doesn't make sense for you to utilize their salon given what you do loll Thank you in advance! I look forward to your feedback
  12. @@MrsCtoB You're 2 weeks away!! How did you decide to differentiate who was eating what? I remember the coordinator saying that this was expected so avoid any confusion during reception. Be sure to come back and let me how things went! I believe we are both using mainly the resort's resources so I would love to know your experience with them. Hair/Makeup - getting it done by resort also?
  13. I have also decided on barefoot sandals for my ceremony - but am now wondering 'what if the sand is super hot'....and I end up having to fight the urge to hop down the aisle lol I will probably get barefoot sandals as well as flat/non-flip flop sandals (to avoid floppy sound) just in case the sand is too hot. Maybe I'll send a bridesmaid to go test the sand temperature for me ahead of time lol
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