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    Thankyou very much pam much appreciated. I will let you all know how i get on. Good luck to all for this months weddings xxx
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    Hi ladies, I stumbled on this forum last night when looking for information about a wedding vow renewal at the Royalton. My hubby and i were actually married at this site in 2007 when it was the Starfish Trelawny and decided then that we would go back to renew our vows on our 5th anniversary. Having our first daughter put paid to that idea, we then changed it to our 7th but the second daughter popping along changed our plans again lol. We have now decided that WE ARE doing it for our 10th anniversary in 2017. After reading all of your posts regarding the prices i have to say i am gobsmacked at them, when we were married we took the flowers with us as they were silk, and just went with the wedding package that was included in the price we paid. We did book a table at the a la carte restaurant that was there at the time which was nice as the total amount of people that were there including the two of us was a whopping 13 lol, we had the hotel photographer and as we decided not to go with the holiday operator prices that were being charged for them we made a deal with the photographer that if we were asked by the operator if we purchased the wedding pics and said no he would supply them at half the price but only on disc that we could print at home, he was an absolute star. Granted the 10 hour flight home was nerve wracking wondering if i had been had but am happy to say that every picture that was taken at our wedding was on the disc and printed at every size needed. For our renewal there will only be myself, the hubby and both of our daughters there no family this time (way too much stress last time lol plus my mam has sinced passed) Im now wondering if they actually do a renewal option that is basically just the use of the little gazebo near the beach where we were married in 07 and the photographer, we dont need a wedding package and are not bothered about a reception afterwards as we did all that the first time. Please could the lovely lady that started this thread please email me if possible the info in her very first post? My email address is lynsey.parry@hotmail.com thank you and i hope that all of you are not fretting to much about your big days and that they are everything yhat you have dreamt about xxx