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  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to follow up on our issue with the resort not providing the correct amount of food purchased. They did respond to us and are actually upgrading us to a swim up infinity pool casita for as many days as we want so we're very pleased with that response. I'd still caution those doing the two hour cocktail between ceremony and reception just to be aware but hopefully they'll improve on it. As for connecting people, our TA requested to keep people in groups and for the most part that happened. We also included some locations and times in our welcome letter for everyone to gather to hang out (the casitas pool of whatever group we were in, the beach bar, etc.) and that worked really well. I don't think we had a single issue with people feeling like they were lost/out of contact with others. The resort will also give out room numbers so guests can call you and figure it all out.
  2. @@NickiLynn1116 - It was amazing!! I want to do it again! @@Twatts83 - We did a two hour cocktail event after the wedding, and the night before we hosted a separate two hour event at night (8:30 pm - 10:30 pm) and the resort did not supply any additional light outside of lighting the bar and dessert stands we had. We used tiki torches both nights and that seemed to be enough. For the cocktail hour the tiki torches provided a bit of ambient light as it started to get dark so I'd recommend them (and they're cheap). Wedding recap: The wedding overall was amazing, and our guests loved the resort. We had 64 (or 62, I can't remember) in our group and ended up hosting several events, which I think made a huge impact on our guests. We did the free rehearsal dinner with family members, then hosted a two hour dessert reception after for all guests. The day of the wedding, between ceremony and reception, we hosted the deluxe two hour cocktail and also did a steel drum player and a cigar roller. That was the BIGGEST hit ever and our guests were in love. The reception was standard, but everyone was on the floor the entire time and so happy. The Generations pier was absolutely gorgeous and the set up was perfect. The day after the wedding we held another cocktail event as a "farewell" (since we left the resort Tuesday for our honeymoon) and casual happy hour. I was a bit worried about the events overwhelming guests, but it didn't at all. We arranged them around dinner times so people could eat where they wanted and everyone loved extra time together and the many special "events." It really made it a weekend-long celebration, which is exactly what we wanted. I have one major (and some minor ones) complaint with the resort though related to our wedding cocktail. We purchased the deluxe cocktail event because we wanted everyone to feel full and we knew the dinner portions would be small. The cocktail was more expensive per person than our dinner entrees and should have provided 24 pieces of food per person. We did not get a fraction of that. Most of our guests were only able to get a piece or two of food total. We are incredibly disappointed by this and we talked to them about it at the resort, as well as by email after, and have not received a response. Luckily our guests didn't know what they were supposed to be getting but we did and we're not happy. Between the room costs for our group, our wedding, and the extras we did, we are confident we brought over $100,000 to their resort for our event. To have such a deviation from what we paid for is egregious. On a more positive note, I will say that the wedding department does a fantastic job. They know what they're doing and they do it well. Our on-site coordinator was Ingrid and she was amazing. Lunic from Sarani Photography was also incredible. I had her and her assistant for 8 hours and she was so much fun. I can't wait to see the pics. And we did the DJ/Emcee package (from DJ All Music or something I think?) and that was a blast! Not only were the emcee and DJ fantastic, guests loved the glow sticks, balloons, and fun lights. So many people told us it wasn't just the best wedding they'd been to, it was the best vacation overall.
  3. I'm getting married Sunday too! Weather.com says down to 20% and partly cloudy. Perfect!!
  4. We're doing an OOT bag, raffia fans at the ceremony, and then leather luggage tags at the reception. I don't think the favor is necessary, but we wanted something nice (that would actually get used) as an extra thank you since people are spending so much to travel with us.
  5. Yeah I was not happy about that addition lol. But oh well, it is what it is. I am SO anxious! We're still finalizing our DJ list, getting our stuff ready to take down, and combing over our spreadsheet with a fine tooth comb. Also stalking the weather like it's my job! Even though it's anxiety-provoking, I'm so excited. It's going to be such a good time with our family and friends. This whole thing has been so low-stress for us, it's been the best wedding planning ever. Are you November girls excited?!
  6. Your TA didn't do a room block? That's crazy! Has your TA worked with the resort directly to try to get rooms for these guests? My wedding is in just over a week and we had someone just ask to change their RSVP and go (how rude but whatever) and the hotel's website says they're booked. Our TA is working with the resort on his behalf to see if they have any extras.
  7. We're staying at EDR until 11/18 and then heading to Rosewood Mayakoba for the honeymoon (EEEEEEK!!) to escape the lingering family. We locked down a majority of decisions this weekend so I'm feeling a little better about things finally
  8. Are any other November brides starting to get a little anxious? I have so much left to do (finalize decorations, go through song lists, lock down our free HH cocktail we're doing the day after, order favors, etc). And I'm starting to stalk the weather and it's been raining a lot Getting so close!
  9. I went with Something to have/ Something to hold/ Something from us/ To keep your drink cold with the date on the last line
  10. @ - We are doing a 3 pm ceremony on the beach in front of the casita D'Italia restaurant I'm so excited for everything!
  11. I booked her associates and reviewed their portfolios ahead of time and was very pleased with their work so don't worry about it too much. @@NickiLynn1116 - We have the same wedding date! Our coordinator is Claudia (I saw you mention yours hasn't been great) and she's been fantastic. Gets back to us within a day or two every time. Not sure if it's possible to switch, but I've been very happy. We're doing a beach ceremony (casita side in front of D'Italia) and a reception on the Generations pier. So excited and how fun to find someone with the same date!
  12. My invites needed $.91 stamps so we pretty much had to (they only had one in stock) but it wasn't that expensive and I think it was well, well worth. They were so cute and people have told us they liked them. I used zazzle.com for mine.
  13. For those who have been married here - was there a good way to give out welcome bags? Does the resort charge to deliver to rooms? Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone! We are planning an EDR wedding for Nov 16 and although I've been stalking this page for a while, I guess I'm getting to the point of actually planning decorations and such so thought I'd pop in and say hi! Our ceremony location is on the beach in the casitas section next to Generations and our reception is going to be on the Generations pier. We're still thinking on how to work in cocktail hour(s) with everything but are super excited!
  15. I'm not married yet, but I actually forfeited my deposit at Paradisus because we booked it sight-unseen and upon visiting the resort, we were SO disappointed. It is very expensive, there are few options, and while the resort itself is gorgeous, the area is not, the beach is terrible (covered in seaweed and not private), and the staff overall was very unaccomodating (we were booked for La Perla and upon check in were moved to the kid side just for starters). I'm not sure how helpful this is since I don't know anything about Secrets, but thought I'd throw it in there.
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