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  1. My husband (yay!) and I got married here on Monday, 6/29. I will post a more detailed report when I have a little more time, but if you are not locked into this resort, please know that I am quite sure you can find much better resorts to have a perfect day at. While the wedding day was perfect, both we and most all of our guest, had something go wrong while we were there. People were dropping like flies from GI sickness, including my maid of honor and dad. The one piece of wedding cake we had been saving for our last night there was taken from our refrigerator (it was securely covered with wrap & not even 24 hours after the wedding) and thrown away "for our food safety" and I was generally in tears once a day because of some sort of service we were promised, but never surfaced. We got married on the beach. It was ok, but it didn't look like they had made any attempts at cleaning the end the gazebo is at. When they do clean, it's usually at lunch & anything in close proximity to the beach smells like rotten eggs (not appealing while you are eating). I know they cannot control this, but they can help the situation a little bit. One or two mishaps, I can understand, but it was something everyday. Just so I don't sound like a total complained...our wedding meal (the chicken) was delicious. Probably the best wedding food I've ever had. It was just all of the other stuff that made me sour. We will never return to this resort...which is sad.
  2. Who are y'all using for a TA? I am trying to get my date confirmed and am SO incredibly frustrated. My WC is Ashley & she is not terribly bright. I called 3 times on Friday and asked her if we were down for 6/29. She put us down for the 30th. The 30th was NEVER mentioned. Ever. So now we are kind of back to square one. My only hope is reading y'all's post that say things get better!
  3. Those things are also really important to us. This really prods me more towards my initial choice of Sensatori. Thank you so much!! @@MandM2014...I wish I had the time to go visit as well. Way too much travel this year - time and money doesn't allow for it. I think I'm going to sleep on it and go with my gut feeling in the am. Dates are already filling up SO fast for next June!
  4. I love all three of these resorts for a wedding...Sensatori is a little more budget friends as we are going to use the Sooon reservation (if we reserve) for the reception. BUT, I just can't pull the trigger on this and keep going back and forth on all three of these amazing places. Tell me about the beaches at these resorts. Tell me why I shld chose one over the other. Help!! TIA!!
  5. Hi there!! We are in the early stages of planning a June 2015 wedding. I don't think we are going to have a dance after the reception as we have a small party and really, none of them, besides myself are "dancers". I've seen some brides write that they moved on to the Mojito lounge after dinner. Thoughts? Anyone else not having a dance?