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  1. @@Lbrennan0 I am ok, just had an anxiety attack today for the first time.lol. We fly out Sat am and still have not packed. I am planning on bringing one carry on and 1 checked bag. @@smileitseb thank you so much for your help!!
  2. Can you please send it to me also? Bfranz1122@@gmail.com. @@smileitseb your posts have been SO helpful in my wedding planning. Your wedding was absolutely beautiful!! I have some questions to ask if you wouldn't mind. 1. Do you have a template for your welcome letters (meet the guests) LOVE them! 2. On your survival guide you mentioned the dreams app or viber app. Are these free? How do they work? 3. How did you pay your final payment for the wedding? Do I just use the same credit card I used for the deposit? Is there a guide on how much cash to take for tips, etc? Did you find it easier to just take US $$ 4. I am doing the Caribbean buffet and noticed a lot of items you had are on my list. How was the food? 5. Do you have a list of songs you used? Ceremony and reception? Thank you again for all your help!! I leave for DRC in 4 days and am married in 7!!! Ekkkk So nervous.
  3. @@Smellsey We are doing a private Catamaran as well! Only we have 40 people going. Have you thought about getting a price quote for the 4 hour excursion instead of the 7 hour? We figured the guests could eat at the resort and then do the Catamaran. You would still be able to snorkel, go to Isla Mujeras and take flight on the spinnaker.. Hope this helps:)
  4. @@nattiegams325 Your wedding was BEAUTIFUL! My colors are similar and just LOVE your flowers! My ceremony is set for 4pm beach, 5pm cocktail beach and 6-9 reception. After finding out the time change, I emailed my coordinator Claudia and wanted to change it to 5pm ceremony but that has already been taken:(( She suggested moving ceremony to 6pm and said the sun sets at 7:45 in June. Any suggestions on time?
  5. @@desmiv Defiantly!! Anything I can do to help! Cocktail on the beach, and reception on the deck.
  6. Hello ladies! I have gotten SO much help with all of your advice! I am the worst at making decisions and love all your comments! I am getting married on the beach at Dreams on June 16th. Very excited but nervous... I haven't gotten a dress and today just picked my colors... I am sure I will have lots of questions for you all who are getting married before me. Thank you in advance!
  7. I am getting married in Cancun in June. I have been watching prices since June of last year. We are flying out if Palm Springs, CA. When I started watching the prices were around $750. They dropped to $520 around Christmas. They are now back up to $720 and guess who didn't by their tickets for a family of 5.... I could cry. I am hoping they will go down again. With that being said, I would say buy now if they are a great price for you
  8. I just checked out their website and they look amazing! Can I ask if you girls also sent out save the dates? Or are you just going to send invites, if so, how many months before the wedding are you sending your invites? Thank you!!
  9. These are great!!! Could someone please email me this template? bfranz1122@@gmail.com Thank you!
  10. HI DallasAshli, Did you decide to have your wedding at the Beloved? I am also thinking about getting married here June 2015.
  11. Hello everyone!! I am new to this site. I love all your posts as it has been very helpful picking a destination. I initially wanted to get married in Hawaii but (expensive)! So I narrowed it down to Cancun. Now I am having trouble picking a resort. I love both the Omni and Excellence Cancun. However, I cannot find any feedback about the Omni? Nor, can I find any pictures of the Excellence resort and do either let you have kids? Any help/suggestions would be VERY helpful????
  12. How nice!! Can you send pitcures? bfranz1122@gmail.com. Was there any food included? Thanks!
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