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  1. My sister met her husband online,they live a happy life now.
  2. I saw the site you gave,it seems so nice and the price is really great!
  3. It is really important to get comfortable shoes for wedding for you have to do a lot of thing that day!
  4. I think you can ask all your worries to them,and see what they reply you.
  5. I think you can do many research if you still have a lot before your wedding.If you want to buy real brand dresses,you can use these money for JCREW.And you also can use the money buy some high quality copy famous brand wedding dresses online.
  6. I think destination wedding is romantic and money saving,but my parent will not want me to do this!
  7. I think the child will birth after you wedding,so their parents will help make the wedding ceremony.So be relax.
  8. The dress is beautiful.I think no veil is better.You just have to choose sparkling earrings and necklace.
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