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  1. Just got married on Jan 29th at Dreams Riviera Cancun. ...any questions?
  2. Just got married on Jan 29th at Dreams Riviera Cancun. .any questions? I can try and help!
  3. Could someone send me the jacket template...'now boarding' ..don't have enough posts and we were planning on making these next week. TIA tauniasawatzky@@gmail.com
  4. Grey pants white shirts and turquoise ties
  5. Hey, we are doing Mexico. Our wedding date is Jan 29th at dreams riviera can understand. I went in with a list of what was most important for me in a resort and my travel agent helped narrow it down! We are flying direct, leaving Jan 26th. My travel agent has been so helpful, and my dress just arrived!
  6. Hey I am from saskatoon. Our travel agent we have been using to plan our wedding in Mexico for January 2015 is Stephanie Afseth at Uniglobe Travel on Circle drive. She Has Been Amazing. I also bought my dress at exquisite bridal! Super helpful!
  7. I am getting married Jan 29/2015. We are working on invitations right now. Dress and bridesmaid dresses ordered. I think we will rent things down there rather than tring to bring it all with us!
  8. We have been dealing with Stephanie Afseth at uniglobe on circle drive. She has been so helpful and quick to respond. Our guests have been using her for additional vacations.
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