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  1. They ultimately are there to assist your guest in booking so that your saved the headache.
  2. I'm going to buy a few pieces once the summer is over. I plan to be in a bathing suit 70% of the time lol
  3. I wouldn't just because that's why you may get a TA plus prices vary.
  4. We are definitely using a hashtag.. Something like #finallyClaytons (my FI and our daughter have the same last name).
  5. Do what will make you feel comfortable. My advice is this is YOUR special day and those invited should be people who care and matter to you and your FI.
  6. We are spending a week in the resort we are getting married inat (to allow time with our guest) and then going to another resort for the HM (which is a complete surprise to me) for 4 days.
  7. You did great so far. The matches are on point. I am not sure where you are located but some K&Gs have big selections.
  8. I went with a small heeled sparkly silver shoe... I have also played with the idea of getting sandals as back up lol
  9. Definitely look online and maybe try davids bridal (not sure if there's one in Canada).
  10. Sticky situation. I think having the one room with the "grandparents" shouldn't be an issue. At the end of the day I doubt someone will say anything.
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