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  1. I was married at the Azul Sensatori in April 2015 (sorry of the extremely late review). I wasn't sold on the salon because I had heard mixed reviews. My wedding planner had mentioned The Makeup Pros. After speaking with Fernando, my was decision was made. He was a pleasure to work with a very responsive to all my emails. He even came to the hotel to meet me a few days prior to the wedding. I didn't do a trail run because I didn't feel like I needed one. Due to my hotel not allowing outside hair and makeup vendors Fernando arranged a bus to pick me and my ladies up and bring us back to the hotel after we were finished. They picked us up on Saturday morning, they let us bring wine and champagne and even put it in the freezer for us when we arrived so it would get cold quicker. Fernando had another wedding that day so I worked with his partner Julius and their team. I loved the results of my hair and makeup, they did a phenomenal job on everyone. There were 11 of us total and I believe we were in and out in about 3 hours. They are absolutely amazing. We all looked stunning. It was just what I wanted. If you are looking for talented, professional people to do your hair and makeup on your special day, book The Makeup Pros, you will look amazing. It was a pleasure working with Fernando and Julius and their team. I would recommend them to anyone! Many thanks to The Makeup Pros!
  2. I know we got a box of 10 at the end, right before they left. They had all 30 rolled before they got there, then they did some extras there. I think total we got about 40-45. It's fun to watch and everyone really enjoyed them. I'm not a cigar person but I lit the one she helped me roll and it was really good. We had about 80 people at our wedding and even the people that didn't have one enjoyed watching the show. We had a lady from Cuba rolling them and another guy was there taking pictures.
  3. @@LRosario. We hired a cigar roller and had them and a jazz guitarist for the cocktail party. The only problem we ran into was we were taking pictures and nobody knew the cigars were already purchased and free. Other then thatI would highly recommend them. It is a fun addition and you can pick from 3 different packages. The lady doing ours called me over and helped me roll one myself.
  4. @@mrsgordoncomeondown I could use 14 days! We leave in a week from today! Everything will be awesome, you will have all your favorite people in one place. We are bringing a lot down so I'm afraid we will forget it or it will get lost. We just had 1 person cancel and might lose another 4, they are suppose to give me a definite answer today. If they don't come it will mess up most of my tables. Does anyone know if they will reimburse you if that happens?
  5. Hi ladies, I need some help.... I had arranged last week to pay the $800 outside vendor fee in order to have someone come and do hair and makeup. I was told by my WC today that the azul no longer allows outside vendors for hair and makeup even with paying the fee. Meaning I would have to use the salon at the resort or take all 14 people off site. It's a larger amount of people because I have some family members from both sides joining us. I was wondering if any of you have any advise? Should I bag it, use the salon at the resort and hope for the best or take everyone off site? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Laura
  6. The kids menu I received was one of 4 options, 1) chicken fingers and fries, 2) hamburger and fries, 3) Mac and cheese, 4) cheese pizza. They are free of charge for kiddos under 12. I was told by my WC that they prefer to have all the kids eating the same thing. We only have 4 kids coming so I don't think it will be a big deal. Hope that helps!
  7. @BecomingaRiggio I think those sound like great gifts. I got my bridesmaid dresses from jcrew and gave the girls $50 toward their dress. I plan to buy their shoes, pay for hair and makeup, and I found small wristlets at coach during their semi annual sale that I purchased. I think it sounds great. Where did you guys get the groomsmen attire? We have had arguments about what the guys should wear. We were looking this weekend but nothing really stood out.
  8. @BecomingaRiggio I love your flowers! Can you tell me where you purchased them? I'm looking for flowers for my bouquet and for my bridesmaids. Thank you! What are you ladies doing for hair and makeup? I have heard good things about the salon at the resort. I found someone that I could have come to the room but that would be an $800 vendor fee and I don't think there is a way around it.
  9. @@rebepax That's a bummer. I'm so sad you did not enjoy your honeymoon at the El Dorado. I'm kind of hesitant to book it now. I plan to look at the reviews a little more before I move forward. Would you recommend staying at the azul instead of moving to another place? Has anyone else stayed at a different resort after the azul for a honeymoon that you would recommend? Thanks for the feedback!
  10. I do not know what length of lights you need to go from the poles to the trees. By the pictures it looks like varying lengths. I'm sure if you got too long of lights you could just wrap them around the trees a few times. I know someone mentioned you need 6x25 ft to wrap around the poles, I couldn't find 25ft lights and ended up getting 18 ft, does anyone know if that will be too short?
  11. Hi ladies, Do any of you know the specifics on the $250 resort credit? I know some can be used toward wine upgrades, a massage, etc. I just wasn't sure and can't find it anywhere. I was also wondering about the Le Chique restaurant and if any of you tried it out while you we're there. I know it is not included on the all inclusive plan. What do you guys think about possibly having a rehearsal dinner there? I didn't know if that was possible or not. Any help would be great. Thank you all.
  12. Hello ladies. I had a question in regards to rooms. Those of you that have been there, what room would you recommend for my FI and I? A lot of people mentioned they got a free upgrade once they arrived. I didn't know if I should go less expensive (so we can put money toward other parts of the wedding) and plan on that or just go with a room in the adults only section. Also, my travel agent told me that in order to go in the adults only section you have to stay in that section. Do any of you know if that is true? I though you could go anywhere except the premiere section. That was a big reason we picked this resort. Any help would be great. Thanks! ~Laura
  13. Hey ladies. For all of you that are doing welcome bags with a type of cup/tumbler, how are you transporting them down? Just as a checked bag or did you order them through the resort? We have about 75 people attending so I can't imagine how I will bring 75 cups with me without having to pay quite a bit more in checked bags. Thank you!
  14. That is for double occupancy. They do have singles and triples. There are also family specific rooms. The transportation is not included in that price. They take care of everything, I was quoted $30-50 per person depending on the number. Obviously the more people the less cost.
  15. @@rebepax How was the El Dorado? We were thinking of heading there for a few days after the wedding! @@ismyrneg I don't know about NY. But I am going through Luxe Destination Weddings. They are based out of Ontario. They have been wonderful! I think our room rate is $200/night per person for the most basic room (regular section). And it goes up from there. Hope that helps.
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