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  1. Can I buy white sheers from one of the brides that already had their wedding?!? I wish I could just buy a bunch of stuff from these beautiful weddings!! IF anyone still has decor from their wedding and willing to sell it, that's would be awesome!!! My wedding is July 10th
  2. Can I buy white sheers from one of the brides that already had their wedding?!? I wish I could just buy a bunch of stuff from these beautiful weddings!!
  3. Hey ladies! I just arrived here with my fiancé for the brides dress rehearsal weekend...anyone else here!?
  4. Hey Ladies...I will be attending the BDR Nov 6-9...will any of you ladies be there?? I'm so excited =D ... We are looking to book our wedding of May 2016 so we can give our guests plenty of time to save. I was told by the group reservation person that the rooms at azul senatori get booked full in the month of may even as early as a year ahead of time!! Therefore, once my fiancé and I confirm our wedding date, I'd like to send the actual invitations in January of 2015, so we can have RSVPs and deposits starting in April/May 2015 so everyone can pay little by little but at least guarantee their room.... any thoughts on this?? I also wanted to throw a very casual "wedding countdown bash" late spring/early summer of 2015 so we can have everyone together...celebrate with those that maybe can't make t to the formal wedding, and give updates on how to plan for the trip....casual party either in a backyard and have all of our invited guests attend locally... I didn't have an engagement party and I have been engaged since June 2013...I just wasn't sure how that would look with already sending invitations out for wedding in May 2016 (I figured lets forget save the dates if we already have all the details our guests need to book) ....Any suggestions ladies???
  5. hey @@rebepax ,,,,Is there a way you can send me the link to your invitations? It won't let me view... =(
  6. @Lilgabri03 at first I wanted Azul Fives...but I'm really starting to like Sensatori..we are expecting a bigger group so I was recommended to Sensatori. Easier to lock in more rooms without it selling out.
  7. @SuchALady777 What did you use for your STD? Any pics to share? I needed some inspiration!
  8. Hi ladies! Just wanted some advice...I wanted to sing a sweet song to my hubby -to -be at our wedding...I wanted to do a sky wedding with reception at zavaz. I originally wanted to sing it walking up the aisle for our ceremony but wasn't sure if the acoustics at the sky deck would be adequate with all the wind? Not sure if there is a good sounds system up there? Or if not, maybe right before our first dance? We would walk in and I start to sing to him... Thanks for you all your help !!
  9. Hi ladies! This is my very first post. I'm seriously considering Azul Sensatori for our destination wedding. I have not been to the resort yet, but my gut it telling me this is where I want to get married. My fiance is pretty excited about it too...we were thinking of going to the Brides Dress Rehearsal this coming Oct 2014 to confirm this is this what we want. We are looking to have our wedding in April/May of 2016...As much as I would like to do it sooner, I wanted to give my guests enough time to save and book their trip..and enough time so I don't lose my sanity! I would love to stay connected while we are in the wedding planning process =)
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