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  1. We only had 8 people so can't comment on the free room nights etc but I'm pretty sure we paid everything up a month before our wedding. Just keep all your contracts and bring then with you. The only extra charge we had was flowers thrown after our ceremony. We just bought the packages for the wedding and photographer. The 16% tourist tax sucked on top of everything. We were really happy with our wedding day and the coordinators are attentive when you get there. I didn't care for the resort but that was just us.
  2. We got married here and used DreamArt. We were happy with the pictures that were given. They were really nice. I think the problem with getting married at a resort is that they kind of hold you hostage with vendors. They know this and charge high prices because they can and couples will pay. They charge North American prices but really I'm willing to bet they pay the photographers Mexican wages.
  3. We used DreamArt and were happy with the results. They were expensive but our pictures are beautiful. We were originally contracted with Ocean Photography but the resort started using DreamArt and switched it on us (without letting us know even though they changed the contract!!!). Anyway, I had a melt down but I was happy with them during the day and after getting the photos. I can't comment on the package because they made ours up to ensure we got everything we were contracted to get with Ocean and some extras to make up for it. We had two photographers for the getting ready and ceremony, including a videographer, and for pictures and reception we had one photographer. We also got a photobook made. They did mess up our book and put the wrong wedding day on the cover but they very quickly made and sent us a new one. We had Josephine. We were really happy with her when we got to the resort. She completely ignored us before we actually got to the resort which stressed me out but once there she was great.
  4. The Bugambilias gazebo is in a busier section of the resort than the Tucan gazebo with the lobbies for Sunrise and Nizuc close by. I think Nizuc might be closest and it's definitely the least busy out of the two. Maybe pick a ballroom in the Nizuc section? In any event be prepared for a lot of walking. I don't really have any restaurant recommendations for you. I didn't really like the food at any of them but the Caribeno at Moon Grand was the best to me. It's also furthest away from everything so less busy. I got married at the beginning of July and was shocked at how packed this resort was. Our wedding was fantastic but the sheer size of the place and crowds were not fun. Also for some stupid reason they put half of us in rooms next to the Moon Grand lobby and half in Sunrise meaning a 20 minute walk between the two.
  5. I didn't realize how large the resort is. If I had been far away from our ceremony site, I definitely would have used the carriage. It was interesting though, we only saw the carriage being used once the entire week we were there. We did see a ton of weddings!
  6. The rooms at the resort are quite large. Perhaps? $400 seems like a lot. Why don't you go to the resort, take a look at your room and make the decision then? I did the same with the carriage; told the wedding coordinator I'd decide when I got there. Incidentally, I didn't use the carriage because my room was 20 feet from the gazebo where I got married!
  7. I got married in the Tucan gazebo and loved it. It's a lot more private than the beach and they also do up the gazebo with the colour combos you pick. I personally liked the Tucan because it's more private. When I was there in July (last month) the resort was in the process of redoing the rooms around the Bugambillias gazebo and it felt strange to be in that section. But that's just me.
  8. I just got married at MP last month. We considered the chapel but since we are not catholic we were told that IF a catholic ceremony was to be requested on our date, we would get bumped automatically. We didn't risk it and we used the Tucan gazebo which was wonderful.
  9. I used the resort spa for makeup and hair. Basically, my then fiancé got ready in his room while I was at the spa for two hours and then I kicked him out when I got back and got ready. I think that having the bridal/groom suite is only available for morning, early afternoon weddings. I highly doubt the resort would give someone a room for a day that they can charge the full room rate for (ie check in is after 3).
  10. I just got married there last month and that was never mentioned as an option to me. It could have been that my wedding started at 5 pm?
  11. That would be wonderful but unless you have smokers in your party, I wouldn't bother with the candles. We had absolutely no luck finding matches of any type at the shops or at reception. (We wanted to use wax to seal the sand in the case from our sand ceremony)
  12. Hi, I just had my wedding there 3 weeks ago. I got a on-site coordinator about 30 days before (Joseline) who did not contact me at all until two weeks before the wedding and 1.5 weeks before I left to go to Moon Palace. I sent her a couple of emails and one rather formal "would you please give me the courtesy of a response" email which seemed to have worked. I finally got a response. Once at the resort it was great but it's definitely stressful getting responses from the on site coordinators beforehand.
  13. What time of the year is your wedding? I had my 8:00 pm reception at the restuarant downstairs from the terrace and had our photos there two weeks ago. The light was great up until 8:30 or so.
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