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  1. Thanks for the advice Well since this post I have organised everything with Laura and have not had any trouble at all, I honestly can't fault her at the moment, I do however copy Claribel into every email so she is aware of the plans. Everything seems to be going smoothly and I like I say I haven't had any issues so can't grumble I think with ours only being a small wedding with 10 people there is much to organise and so I don't think too much could go wrong...I hope Our vendor fee has been waived as my photographer is flying in from Orlando and staying on site for 3 nights. If they stay on site for 3 nights or more the vendor fee gets waived 13 weeks today till we fly.....eeekkk!
  2. Our ceremony and reception are both on the sand however the major factor for me was that my insurance states you are NOT covered if you fall on the sand and you are wearing heals. So its flip flops for me all the way My dress length has been adjusted for the flip flops
  3. 7 months is totally doable for just the two of you How totally awesome and exciting for you both, the countdown is on! Good luck and enjoy all the planning, this place is awesome by the way, everyone is so helpful! We have 10 in total, us and 8 immediate family and we booked it February with only 8 months to go. Picked the resort, booked the wedding and paid deposit, then we all booked flights and accommodation. Now we only have 3 months to go and I have done ALL the organisation with my wedding planner in 3 days last week bearing in mind I'm in the UK and my wedding planner is in Canada. So yeah it took 3 days to finalise all the plans for the wedding day and that's for 10 people. So you have PLENTY of time
  4. How are your plans coming on, I see you get married next year, it will soon come around Do you have lots left to decide on and are your pretty much organised?
  5. Thank you so much, yes it was such a good feeling, as much as I adore my dress I think I was more happy with the weight loss than trying my dress on again Thankfully I fell even more in love with my dress during that fitting, its just perfect in every way for me I emailed my planner last Monday and by Thursday we had pretty much organised the whole thing and had my first invoice. Just waiting for the table décor to be added to the invoice and then we are pretty much completely done on the organisation. Just the mens outfits to buy and favours to make and take with us Favours, we are going to do a little message in a bottle for everyone, but we are going to write a unique message to each person so each one is unique and special to that person I thought it would be quite cute and a little surprise for them all, what do you think?
  6. Thank you Flowers were so expensive, like a little centre piece was $300 and given we would need at least 3 and we never really wanted flowers so its worked out well
  7. Table décor now picked We are adding shells, sand and dried starfish to the décor though, so it will be totally perfect as we are eating on the beach We are have a U shape set up with Dave and myself at the end (top table) and then 4 down each side
  8. I get married at the Royalton in October this year. Its beautiful!! February is peak time, we are October which is out of season and has saved us quite a chunk of money on flights and accommodation. However I am from the UK and its very cheap with the exchange rate so for me its great but seeing the prices in dollars and what you ladies have to pay blows my mind! What I think you need to do, is ask your friends and family could they afford it at that price OR is it totally out of the question? Then go from there.
  9. We feel its important to celebrate with friends back home so we budgeted it in from the beginning. For our wedding day, we wanted a very small intimate wedding with only immediate family, which is wwhat we are having (10 of us in total, parents and siblings). We were both nervous about speeches and all the formal stuff in front of say 60+ people so we decided to have a small tropical wedding However we wanted to throw a huge party when we get back for all our friends and family but without anything formal so a party with a DJ, food, lots of dancing
  10. Quite a bit on a party in the UK a few weeks after we get home, this will cost us around £1000.00 ( $1700 for buffet and dj. Will have around 150 people at that party. Good excuse to wear wedding dress again Also going to have some further photography done in the UK in our wedding outfits with our show cars.
  11. Eeeekk congratulations on your engagement! How exciting for you! Better to get a head start and not have a last minute rush like us!! This forum is amazing, everyone is super friendly and just wants to help so you will get all the help/advice you need! Enjoy your planning!
  12. OMG we get married on our 6 year anniversary We wanted a date that meant something but not Valentines Day or birthdays. We have been engaged for 5 years
  13. Awww amazing! Look how happy they look! OMG I could cry!! Thank you!!
  14. EVERYTHING lol I worry about everything in general day life, let alone a wedding in a foreign country I've never even been too and having to organise the whole thing by email with 2 wedding co-ordinators, 1 in Canada and 1 on resort in DR and we are in the UK. So yeah, everything for me haha I need to chill!
  15. Hi ladies, just thought I mention what we have decided for my Fiance and other guys...We are actually going down the shorts route for the men A lot of brides don't seem too keen but for me I just want him and the guys to be happy and comfortable Pluse my man looks uber sexy in shorts Here are some pics for you and a little explanation: Groom - Teal shorts, white shirt, teal tie and stone/cream waistcoat - all pictures below Then all the other guys are wearing cream shorts, white shirts and teal tie So my Fiance will stand out as he has coloured shorts and a waistcoast. I think its going to work really well but we are going to try it all on together this weekend Oh and that dress is beyond stunning xx
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