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  1. If you want to avoid the luggage fee....if you have bridesmaids or groomsmen...you can have them carry that stuff for you. You guys can get together the day or so before to help you prepare before everyone else gets there...my girls are carrying the favors..and other stuff for me...you can also fly an airline that gives you the first bag for free that way you're not spending THAT much on fees...
  2. @@Nursejazz everything looks so awesome! im so happy for you...based on your review i will X out the caribbean trio and possibly hire DJ Mannia...it sounds like he has the MC organization that I need...and I also like the floor idea and the little extras he put in for you....my reception is set to be at the beach..I'm hoping that because I'm having it in April it will be cooler outside and less bugs...
  3. nah i dont believe so she is probably exhausted from the planning and taking some time off before posting anything...i did see some photos on fb and it all looked great!
  4. My reception is in the beach so there is no "side room" where they can come in from. If you're having yours in the ballroom then you have that flexibility. I dont have a visual so i guess i cant "see it". BOO! I feel like most of the planning for me is on track. There's not much I can do I feel until its closer. Just work on the details I guess.
  5. LOL!!!!!!!!! im thinking the same...im split on this issue...i also dont think im introducing the wedding party
  6. Are any of you ladies doing programs, place holders, assigned seating, etc?
  7. I'm a week or so before you....I'm 4.11.2015
  8. I am going to use the resort DJ for now. I was going to use the regular service at $350 but it seems like MCs are important so I am considering upgrading to the premium service for the $900. I'm already paying an outside vendor fee $150 for hte photographer (HDC) so I really dont want to pay an additional $150 for the DJ.
  9. we are doing Altos de chavon and saona island as a combined tour which i believe takes most of the day once combined.. here is the tour website i have on my wedding website for guests wanting to do tours.... http://www.colonialtours.com.do/tours/tours.asp
  10. I guess i can ask her...but you know anything you ask for is extra $...i know for sure the wedding party is prob going to be hungry because i plan on having a mini rehearsal before the cocktail hour and having a late dinner with them...GRRRR this is so frustrating!!!!!!!!!
  11. i wanted to have mine pre dinner at the pier but theres a wedding there...she said we can do it at the beach later in the day like at 6:30 or 7...which sucks cause its apps and drinks and ppl will probably be full from dinner...i figure all ppl do at all inc is eat and drink all day so it should be fine...since its going to start getting darker around that time im thinking of getting some paper lanters and putting led lights inside of them and placing them on the tables so its not that dark out...im trying to figure it out but im sure its going to be fine...ppl will still enjoy it and im just over thinking it...
  12. I'm assuming if you dont book a DJ you can probably bring an ipod and hook it to portable speakers....are you having a small wedding?
  13. thanks girl thats prob what ill do...with the regular dj service i was goign to provide the music but once im paying u that much you're going to have to do a little more than press play....nah mean? LOL
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