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  1. Hey @@samilein - Congrats on planning your destination wedding here in Punta Cana! We noticed you asked a question about photographer prices here on the island & thought we'd give a bit of insight. =) There are many amazing photographers here in PC & we all range in price and style. Photography usually starts around $1000 and ranges up to $8000 + depending on who and what kind of coverage you're looking at. Our best advice... find the photographer that best matches your own personal style and vision first. If you can see yourself in their photos, thats a great thing! Once you’ve found
  2. Hi @@kellymiller, Check out Caribbean Celebrations as well as Weddings by Mayte Marie. Caribbean Celebrations are a decor company & Mayte is a full on designer, wedding planner. All the best! XO - M
  3. Hi Ladies, I don't know if you know of us or not.. but we are Canadian wedding photographers from Vancouver. We live here 6 or so months out of the year October - May. There are so many options for amazing wedding photography right here in Punta Cana... my husband and I being one of them. We've shot at Grand Palladium as well... beautiful resort. & As a heads up... we were able to come onto the property to shoot the wedding with a one nights stay booked instead of the vendor fee. I don't know if the rules have changed since last year.. but something to look into with your coordinator f
  4. Hello to our fellow Canadians!! How excited you all must be to be planning and getting ready for your destination weddings! This forum is such an awesome resource on so many levels and we're happy you're here! Advice and tips from fellow brides & vendors is key to planning a flawless wedding! So if any of you have any planning questions, need advice, tips on wedding day details etc. - Please ask away! We'd love to help! My name is Mel & my husband Rob, are the artists behind ShoeBox Photography. We call Vancouver, BC home in the summers and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic home i
  5. Awwww... thanks so much @@Moments That Matter!! That's so nice of you! We absolutely are living the dream. =) Couldn't be happier!! All the best to you all @ MTM!! XO - Rob + Mel
  6. @@Linda82 - Thank you love! We are also extremely busy... but we always make sure we take the time to connect with our prospective couples.. It's such an important aspect, there's no way we could let this part of it go! We are sooooo looking forward to being a part of your day! Can't wait! XO - Mel
  7. Hey Ladies, I can shed some light for you here.... At the NOW, if your bringing a vendor into the hotel for the wedding day only the $500 vendor fee will apply. Should you however be bringing a photographer / videographer etc. on property that is a part of your group and is staying at the hotel with you FOR A MINIMUM OF 3 DAYS ALL INCLUSIVE STAY.. then the vendor fee is waived. Hopefully that helps. =) - Mel
  8. @@Brinley Thanks so much!!!! That's so sweet of you! All the best! XO - Mel
  9. Can't wait to chat with you too @@LadyMaven! & Thanks so much for the shout out! XO - Mel
  10. Hi @@LauraFung, Of course! My pleasure. & Thank you. Our goal is to create timeless, natural images for our couples. We want you to love your photos today, in 10 years and in 50 years! & To become heirlooms for every generation of your family. Can't wait to talk to you more about your amazing wedding!! XO - Mel
  11. Hi @@mahileman - Thanks so much for the sweet words. Can't wait to chat with you more about your big day!! XO - Mel
  12. @@LauraFung Hi Laura! We are free that date! & I'd love to chat with you more. Emailing you with more info shortly. Mel
  13. Who wants a present?!! Why you ask!? Because we love to give! In case you didn't know, Rob and I shoot locally in Punta Cana from November - June every year and this year we wanted to do a little something extra for our lovely destination couples... Present + Future! (If you’ve booked with us already… do not fret! You can join in the fun too!) READ ON to check out what we're doing! The prizes: Our signature romance session with digital download of all your edited images ($450 value) A party session with you and your entire guest list! Up to 2 hours of photography capturing you and your en
  14. Hi Ladies! Congrats everyone on choosing the NOW. It's such a beautiful resort! I see a lot of you mentioning the topic of using the resort photographers vs an off site photographer. First and foremost, you have to LOVE LOVE LOVE your photographer!! I can't stress this enough. Your wedding images & videography (if you're doing that) are truly the 1 honest heirloom you'll have from your day. No matter who it is, make sure you absolutely adore what they do! If you'd like to see a full wedding there from us, head here: {http://www.shoeboxph...ing-emily-matt/} along with their
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