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  1. There weren't many reviews out there about this place before I booked. The trip advisor reviews were pretty good, but as my date got closer and we couldn't back out all of a sudden the reviews started getting worse. We went through 3 wedding coordinators, they just kept quitting. I kept thinking that maybe things wouldn't be that bad, that maybe the demands of other brides were too high. So wrong. I wish I could of changed my plans. I even tried to stay on top of things on the day of the wedding. There were small things that turned in to annoying things because of there incompetency. For example, I looked out of our window as I was getting ready and the ceremony site and they were putting black sashes on the chairs. I had requested white. I called the WC and she tried to assure me that they weren't black, so I told her I was looking right at the guys putting them on. 5 mins later she came out and told them to change them. Then I watched them put orange colored ones on. I called again and she tried to tell me they were ivory colored. After pressing she admitted that they were orange, and that the white ones hadn't been cleaned form the wedding the previous day! Why lie? They also used pins to pin the table cloth to the table. My niece cut her self, my 1 year old son had one in his mouth, and I stepped on one.......Every single one of my guests also had problems.....We were so embarrassed. We also never got some of the things promised in the wedding package, like the arrival gift, and champagne/honeymoon breakfast in bed the day after the wedding. So please be aware that all those little things listed on the package may not materialize when you are considering if its worth it. I don't know what I could of done differently They knew I wasn't happy and tried to give us stuff to make up for it, like dinner on the beach, a massage a free night stay, but really, nothing could make up for it. Full disclosure: they did refund us a few hundred $ Best of luck, and I'd be happy to answer any questions
  2. The short review: DO NOT GET MARRIED HERE. Have a look on trip advisor for corroboration The resort is fine, beautiful grounds etc, the food at the buffet is ok, server and bartenders great, but everything else is ridiculous. From the minute we got there to the minute we left everything was just a joke. Things we thought were set up and taken care of before arrival were not organized and we spent every day prior to the wedding running around like crazy, not to mention that I didnt even enjoy my own wedding because I was running around constantly trying to fix things.They tried to stiff us on the room upgrade that was included in our wedding package. It was an exhausting fight for everything that was supposedly included in the package and things we had arranged beforehand. The WCs were useless. I gave them a really simple word document that contained everything, and we just wanted a very simple wedding. The rehearsal dinner didnt have enough seats. The menu was wrong and the food was cold. The WCs were no where to be seen on the wedding day, they showed up 5 mins before the ceremony with the flowers, which were the wrong flowers, but I'll talk about that later. They screwed up our seating plan which was easy to follow, the food was awful, cold tasteless and inconsistent. They gave meat to my veggie guest, regular dessert to my diabetic guest. Not everyone got dessert. And that brings me to the flowers. Sergio Farias of Flowers and Events Los Cabos Everything seemed fine until I actually got my flowers. He was very responsive by email. My flowers were not what we had agreed on and were browning. But this was something that I just figured was one of those things that was out of your control and not worth stressing about. Until my flowers disappeared at the end of the night. All of them, all the bouquets, table flowers everything. One minute there then gone. I had given my bouquet away and told my family to take some flowers for their rooms. No explanation yet as to what happened. Makes me wonder if theyre recycled since they didnt look that fresh in the first place and werent what I had asked for, maybe they went to another wedding the next day....$700 and poof. I'm sure I'm forgetting some disasters But, one saving grace was our photographer. He is a genius. I wont name him here so he isnt associated with this bad review, but he will get a glowing review elsewhere.
  3. Wedding coordinator just quit. She went to Melia real. Lucky for Melia brides, stressful for me!
  4. I guess people only have experience with Neysa herself....worrying, maybe I should just try the in house spa...
  5. I'm about to ask for a breakdown because it seems ridiculous. I was going to bring table runners and sashes too, but if theyre going to nickel and dime me for everything...! Why is every part of planning this so stressful, please tell me its worth it!
  6. Ok ladies, I need your help. We finally booked a place and I've started to look at ways to decorate. I was shocked at the price I was quoted to hang some paper lanterns/pompoms by the resort (500$ +tax). I thought bringing some of my own decorations in my wedding colors would be an inexpensive way to decorate. Apparently not. What else should I be prepared for? Help prepare me for the sticker shock.....am I going to be charged for making and bringing my own linens? What about menus and table numbers etc? I knew that center pieces and flowers weren't included, but I didn't think I would be charged so much for something that costs so little.... Thanks! I'm stressing and wondering whether we should of just eloped the two of us!
  7. Has any had experience with Neysas senior stylists/bridal team? Neysa herself is not available for my dates, and I was wondering what peoples experiences were with her other people. Thanks
  8. I'm curious what peoples experience are with negotiating for things during the planning process. I'd think that most things are negotiable to a certain degree, afterall, I'll be bringing in a ton of guaranteed money for the resort. So far I'm not getting any love from the resort, but have been able to negotiate with a photographer. Whats been your experience? I forgot to add, my fiance works at a 5 star hotel and for weddings there everything is negotiable, they even throw in tons of comps, granted the amount of money being spent is way more than what we want to spend, but still....hes totally shocked that nothing seems negotiable
  9. I've had the same issue with another resort and the room block, its even cheaper on their own website. It just doesnt make sense to me
  10. Thanks, Sorry I'm a newbie, how do you find a TA? Do they charge? I will have a lot of family flying from UK an Australia, does that complicate using a TA?
  11. Hi all, Anyone thinking of Barcelo Grand Faro (not the hyatt ziva). I have had some great interactions with the WC so far, but I'm just looking for other brides/opinions/reviews! Thanks m
  12. We thinking Barcelo Grand faro and now I think about it I'm not sure there is a room requirement to have the wedding there. I just assumed that we would be able to get a group rate to encourage our guests to stay there. Only for the free package does there seem to be a room requirement
  13. Hi Robyn349,Can you tell me a little more about your wedding at barcelo grand faro. We have almost decided on there and was having a great and easy time communicating with Cynthia until we started talking about group rates. Any details would be greatly appreciated Thanks M
  14. We almost decided on a place to get married and then we started a dialogue about group rate and the contract we've been sent is more per night than we can find on the hotels own website and Expedia. What are we missing? This doesn't seem right... Thanks
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