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  1. I think it's a great idea , my wedding was in February and the cake I picked looked nothing like the photos the resort had shown me. Everyone will be too busy having fun to even notice the fake cake I'm sure
  2. I wore the Maggie Sottero Divina, I have to admit it was heavy for a beach reception, but if I had to do it again I would! Maggie dresses are beautiful !
  3. I just uploaded some of my wedding photos for the chapel, and one of my centerpiece, my flowers were done by Floreria Zazil they were amazing !!! I'm not sure how to directly post pictures on here but they are in one of my albums
  4. Just got back from my wedding and it was beyond amazing!! They have everything under control, so for those brides that are like me and we do everything last minute, no worries! they will come through and make your day unforgettable!
  5. I have, It has been taking about two days for her to respond, kinda frustrating, but I am sure I'm not the only bride or the only wedding they have so I am being patient. how are your plans coming along ?
  6. I did get one assigned, but once you are a month away they switch you to one that is actually at the resort. I assume that the ones that everyone gets are just general planers for all the real resorts. I've been communicating with mine through basecamp app and it's an awesome app, but I missed all the deadlines because she is so unresponsive, hopefully I get the other planner soon
  7. Have any of you ladies had any trouble with your wedding coordinators lately?! I can't seem to catch a break , I'm less than a month away for my wedding and still have no on-site wedding cordinator , yikes ! Hopefully that changes soon...
  8. Hello Brides! my wedding is two months away Super excited but also busy! I was wondering what flower shop any recent brides have used recently. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, Thanks and happy planning!
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