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  1. We were married last Tuesday. Everything was amazing. The coordinators are on top of everything. I regret how much I stressed over it now. I'll try to write a review soon. Let me know if anyone has specific questions such as cost break down!!!
  2. I remember reading somewhere that no dance floor is needed for the bamboo room, only for reception sites that don't have floors (like the beach).
  3. I think you're fine. I haven't talked to anyone either. They do this daily so they must have a pretty set routine... Unless you have some special requests that need to be arranged ahead of time... I'm getting nervous now... Leaving Friday!!!
  4. Does anyone have Carmen as their wedding coordinator? I had islea but was switched a while back. I've been emailing her but haven't gotten any response. Is it just me?
  5. I have a transfer but I booked in 2013. They still offered it then (it was listed in the package). I noticed they took it out of the 2014 package though. It all depends on when you booked and submitted your down payment.
  6. I'm bringing hair extensions and my own makeup too. I went to sephora to get a trial and bought everything there so I can fix it if they mess it up. I found the makeup reviews were hit or miss so I wanted a back up plan. I would bring your own coverup so that it matches well.
  7. I just had my first baby so I can tell you it is amazing BUT you Don't get US time... Ever. Lol. So I can completely understand the "wait" view. It will give you time to adjust to your new wife status. A baby is a completely different status. You Definatly sound like you want a baby so I say go for it, maybe wait a few months. Pregnancy lasts and additional 10 months so that should give you lots of time. However I highly recommend buying your house first before that baby. It will allow you to get used to house expenses before expensive babies come in to play!
  8. I agree, customs and packing is stressing me out the most! Hoping for a green light!!! Also, as mentioned it's $300 per person for gifts so you actually have $600 included the groom. Just make sure you have your receipts. From what I read they are pretty strict so if you're over pass some goods on to others!
  9. What about doing something cheaper for the reception? Oeuvres only receptions are VERY cheap. You could do a cash bar to keep costs down and no decorations. I'd hate to "rely" on gifts, but if you do throw a small reception you'll most likely receive gifts that will cover the cost. If you only have 20 or so ppl there it would be well less than $500. (You could prob do it for around $20/person).
  10. Sooo, how long would you say it took you to walk down the isle? I found a song I really like but it's only 1:34 long... I feel like I'll be cutting it close.
  11. Does anyone have any idea how much music is needed for the ceremony? How long should the playtime be for the pre-ceremony, the procession and the registry signing?
  12. Tipping!!! This confused me too for the longest time. The general rule of thumb is you tip people who work for a company but not those who work for themselves. So if your DJ owns the company, then no do not tip, but if they work for some company (and thus aren't actually getting all of the money you are "paying" them), then yes you should tip. As for the wait staff and bartenders, their is a 15% service fee added to all the food and drinks so I would not tip the bartenders or servers (unless they are exceptionally good!). I'm planning of tipping the wedding coordinator (personally I'd say a f
  13. Could you send it to me?(Not sure why the quote didn't work from my computer the first time...)
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